Published 18. Oct. 2016

How Millennials are Changing HR

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Human Resources


“The shift happened in 2015, when the value-driven Generation Y became the biggest group in the labor market,” observes Therése Jönmark, HR Director, E.ON Sverige. Its employer branding implication? “We simply have to make ourselves attractive to this generation of new employees, as they also mirror our future customers.”

Sandvik AB’s Vice President and Global Head of HR Services Peter Hessel couldn’t have agreed more, “The demographics are changing, people are working longer —  ’till their 70s or 80s — and at the same time, a new generation, the millennials are coming in.”

With the widening of age span, comes the changes in work relationships and mindsets, “Permanent employment isn’t the number one option for everyone anymore. These new generation of employees are looking for freelance or project-based jobs, and we don’t have a choice but to adapt.”

With such daunting tasks, where could HR turn to for wisdom?

Coca-Cola Enterprises Sverige’s HR Director Arne Dahlberg thinks the answer is right in front of HR or more like inside the organization. He said at Coke, they have a policy called “Freedom Within a Framework” where employees are given the freedom to solve daily challenges, “Our leadership believes that we must be an enabler for our employees and an obstacle. It’s our job to unleash their power.”

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Juha Turunen

Chief Solution Executive, Symbio Finland