Published 24. Mar. 2017

How MES and WMS Systems Can Optimize Your Processes

Learn how Leanware Ltd. helped streamline their clients' specialized factories and improved their production quality and efficiency.
Production and Manufacturing


The Need to Be Lean

As product variations continue to increase, information flow and production transparency must also improve.

Leanware Ltd’s industrial clients’ specialized factories need to streamline their processes for their operations to be more efficient, of higher quality, and more customer-oriented, but their global systems aren’t adapting properly to the changes.

Optimized Processes with MES and WMS Systems

Leanware Ltd’s core competence is in enabling a more efficient process through information systems that digitalize production. In fact, a number of well-known industrial enterprises among which are Metso Flow Control, Valtra, Metso Minerals, Agco Power, ABB, SEW, and Isku, have trusted Leanware Ltd. with identifying and tackling wastes in their processes.

What Leanware Ltd. does is optimize the clients’ processes with their Manufacturing Execution (MES) and Warehouse Management (WMS) Systems.

Used as local tools, MES and WMS help factory workers and supervisory staff perform their daily duties. Clear work instructions and real-time data reduce quality problems and when data transfers automatically, and not manually, from different systems, the possibility of human error substantially decreases. Deviations are recorded in real-time, thus reducing the need for memory-reliant work, while access to up-to-date information shortens learning times.

Overall, reliability and usability increase proficiency and fluidity, resulting in more efficient production.

Satisfied Client Testimonials

Thanks to MES, clients’ processes are more efficient and flexible. Below are satisfied client comments:

”Thanks to the development project, our turn was halved, buffer capacity increased, and work force that was freed up could be transferred to clutch production. Forethought, flexibility and quality of production have also increased significantly.” — ABB

”The value of the system reform crystallizes best in its ability to support the workers in different phases of work.” — Metso Minerals

”Savings can be seen, for instance, in how we now have 100 forklifts moving things from one place to another. At the end of the year there will be only five. Flow efficiency has increased 100% in a certain production line after the deployment of MES.” — Isku

”The most significant economic gain comes from more efficient lead times. We can now produce twice the volume with the same staff compared to the time before MES and streamlining the process. At the same time, introduction periods have shrunk from months into days. The use of resources is more flexible, and we can hire people with no previous experience or training in the field to work on the line.” — Agco Power

Leanware Ltd. will be attending 600Minutes Supply Chain in Finland on the 28th of September 2017 as a solution provider. Event discussions include:

  • Ticket 19321 – the Excel is updated, what should be done with all those info?
  • Rebuilding supply network in terms of business improvements.
  • Dimensions of risk management – how to find new aspects?
  • IoT as an efficient workbench for the factory of the future.
  • How to create economic and social value via sustainability?
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