Published17. May. 2018

Holistic Business Model Overhauls Fissler Towards International E-Commerce

Helping Fissler reach their international growth objectives with the help of foryouandyourcustomers’ ‘6-layer’ business model. 
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Fissler GmbH, a premium global brand in the field of high-quality cookware, is moving forward with its international e-commerce as part of its digitalisation strategy. To achieve this international e-commerce footprint, the organization needs restructuring.

“Our goal is to design an international solution that meets our requirements and those of our Fissler subsidiaries and customers with world-wide transparency; based on a single source of truth, efficiency and quality,” said Wolf Drexel, Head of IT VESTA GmbH at the start of the project in January 2017. In the course of this project, foryouandyourcustomers was initially responsible for the consolidation of product information and was also active as a partner and trusted adviser in achieving the organisations business goals.


Applying foryouandyourcustomers unique Integral View was decisive here. “Already in the first discussions, it became clear to us that we can support and help Fissler GmbH in the long term by using our holistic business model”, said Werner Spengler, Managing Director foryouandyourcustomers Frankfurt. Fissler wants to address its target groups through all relevant channels and to deliver personalised information to them in the shortest possible time with the highest quality. “By doing so, we can easily supply our markets, customers and suppliers with correct product information in all channels throughout the globe.” explained Fisslers’ project manager Daniela Berrang.


Foryouandyourcustomers’ ‘6-layer’ business model differentiates between customers, channels, business, solutions, systems and data structures. “Each of these layers play an important role within the customer experience and operational efficiency, whether it’s e-commerce, marketing, product management or sales – together they contribute to achieving Fisslers’ business goals,” says Werner Spengler.

You can find out more about the ‘6-layer’ model at:


In the first phase, based on the model, each of these levels were analysed starting from Fisslers’ customers perspectives. These perspectives answered necessary questions such as; which target group uses which channels through which solutions, do all of these channels already exist within the organisation and does the current data meet the customers expectations from the company. “The advantage of the model for me is that complicated questions can be easily and comprehensibly mapped on it and those responsible on every layer develop an understanding of their requirements, dependencies and synergy effects,” said Werner Spengler.

From January to July 2017, in time and budget, Fissler together with foryouandyourcustomers, implemented the fundamentally necessary PIM platform on the MDM solution STEP by Stibo Systems . Daniela Berrang added: “The fact that all data is now managed and updated in STEP is an important step towards international e-commerce.


The systems obtain their data from the basic data layer.


Right from the start, a central master data team was set up in Germany, which is gradually being expanded to include an international team. Fissler and foryouandyourcustomers used a train-the-trainer approach to ensure training of Fisslers’ employees. “The team members should be empowered right from the start to take over data maintenance independently and to continue to do so in the future,” Daniela Berrang explained. “foryouandyourcustomers’ model provides overview, structure and help.”


In March, the international rollout of the new e-commerce platform began. The aim is that the central processes, based on the available data, runs as a single source for all countries so that countries no longer have to use their time to create this by themselves in the future.



The implementation phase is characterised by breaking through silos due to the model. In other words: “We analyse the current status of each of Fisslers’ country organisations and then move upwards from the data layer to each layer and adapt these layers to the needs of locally growing business requirements,” explained Werner Spengler. “We are therefore beginning to structure the data into the individual channels to guarantee operational excellence in the respective country organisations. The model will help us communicate more easily, faster and more accurately in the future.” Wolf Drexel said with certainty.


Right from the start foryouandyourcustomers and Fissler developed a close and trusting coorporation. foryouandyourcustomers’ experts continue to support Fisslers’ technical and business teams in building internal knowledge and passing it on to the country organisations, enabling them to master new ways of working and challenges through workshops and training. Daniela Berrang added: “With foryouandyourcustomers we have found a partner with whom, due to their professional competence and experience, we are very happy to work with.”


foryouandyourcustomers will be attending Digital Transformation in The Netherlands on the 6th of June 2018