Published 14. Nov. 2016

High-Performance Wireless Network Solution for a World-Class Distribution Center

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A Warehouse 10 Years Ahead of its Time built a 35, 000-square meter e-commerce distribution center in Zwolle, the largest in the world, which can accommodate four million products. This high-tech, high-quality distribution center has 480 “pick locations” and 468 robot assistants. In this new distribution center, 12.350 items per hour can be picked up, which is two times faster than in the current distribution center in Demensvaart. Not only that, packages are ready for delivery 30 minutes after the order has been placed. This brand new distribution center is a vital cog in’s preparation for the future.

Always Connected

Aerohive provided the distribution center with 214 access points that can connect 468 robots, dozens of handheld scanners, truck terminals, as well as the maintenance crew and visitors, to the wi-fi network. The building was also equipped with access points AP141 –159 and AP350 –77 and router BR100, which are high-quality hardware perfect for organizations with a lot of devices connecting to the wi-fi network.

According to Robert Krahe,’s ICT’s Project Manager, “We expect that within ten years, Dutch consumers will do 50 percent of their purchases online. Our new distribution center prepares us for that. A good, qualitative network solution is, therefore, absolutely indispensable. Our intention is to turn Aerohive into our own wi-fi solution brand within the whole company, for example, access points for our second distribution center in Maurik.”

24/7 Pickup

There were challenging requirements regarding the price, safety, and other technical and functional issues, due to the enormous size of the distribution center and the numerous devices connected to the wi-fi. That’s why when the plans for the construction of the distribution center were finished, wrote out a tender. But in the end, the excellent value for money offered by Aerohive won them the account. As a result, now has a stable and excellent wi-fi network and robots that are able to pick up thousands of packets in the distribution center 24/7.

Aerohive will be attending the 600Minutes Executive IT, The Netherlands, on the 4th of October 2017, as a solution provider. For more on our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar »