Published 14. Aug. 2019

How Great Customer Experience Makes Your Brand Stand Out

Niels Bouwman, CEO of Lytho, shares his expertise in driving better customer experience to maximize marketing potential.
Customer Experience, Marketing and Sales

Customer is king, and both the consumers and companies know it. No matter how times have evolved and how technology has disrupted the industries, one true constant remains for all businesses – delivering meaningful customer experience.

A survey by PWC found that over 70% of consumers place experience as a top priority in their decision to purchase from a company. In fact, one out of three consumers claimed that they would walk away from a brand after just a single bad experience.

But what defines good customer experience?

Towards Customer-Centric Excellence

For Niels Bouwman of Lytho, genuinely listening to and understanding the customers is a sign of a great customer-centric organization.

Customer experience is the impression you leave on your customer,” Bouwman shares. “They get this impression from using your product on a daily basis, which results in what they think of your brand.”

Listening to customers is only the base of customer experience, however. Bouwman further states that companies should also act in accordance to the feedback received from the customers.

As a case in point, Lytho, which provides a single source solution for digital marketing content, was launched after collecting more than 25 years of feedback from customers. Working closely with their clients, who are business users, the company developed a completely new platform that fulfills their users’ requirements in managing, creating and publishing brand content.

We asked for our users’ opinion on the [experience they want] prior to defining our ideal user experience,” Bouwman explains. “We are proud that every important decision we have made in the development process has been validated by our customers.”

Setting The Company Mindset

Customer centricity is not a new concept by any means, with roots dating back to the direct marketing revolution of the 1960s. “[However], nowadays, ‘customer-centric’ is turning into a buzzword,” Bouwman rues. “In our opinion, customer centricity is not only one of the most important preconditions, but also a very important value that should be anchored in the company culture.”

It’s also a misconception of companies that customer experience is only relevant to the frontend. “To build a genuinely customer-centric culture,” Bouwman points out, “there needs to be an emphasis on educating all employees on how they play a vital role in customer experience.”

Bouwman’s customer-first philosophy is actually practiced by many renowned global brands, such as Virgin America, Amazon and Ritz Carlton, which are known for their company culture of involving every employee in their customer experience process. Organizations such as these, and Lytho, believe that a company truly develops a customer-centric mindset once each staff and department are on the same page in providing the best customer experience possible.

Adapting To The Modern Age

Businesses have always searched for more reliable, efficient and cost-effective ways to drive growth and revenue, and with the arrival of disruptive new-gen technologies, companies are implementing modern innovations to almost all aspects of their business, including customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a big differentiator when it comes to user experience,” Bouwman conveys, elaborating that many brands are experimenting with the computer science technology for an extra edge in delivering compelling customer experience.

Speaking on Lytho’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, he explains that the solution leverages on AI to simplify the tagging and searching of images. Automating image tagging during the upload process eliminates the repetitive and time-consuming manual task, allowing users to focus on more creative efforts.

Customer Experience Is Everything

Although companies are revising their business models with the changing times and digital innovations, Bouwman reveals that it is actually the customers, not the businesses, that are controlling the direction of change, whether in operations, services or products. 

To reiterate the earlier phrase, the customer is indeed king, and customer experience is the sword that either knights a brand with well-deserved loyalty or severs it from any future relations.

Lytho will be participating in the 600Minutes Marketing and CX event at Bussum, The Netherlands, on 30th October 2019.