Published 14. Jan. 2016

The Go-to-Market Challenges in the Netherlands

Innovations and R&D

The basic go-to-market functions like sales, marketing, and product development in many companies are often isolated from one another, from their own strategic priorities, as well as from the changes in the market place.

Management Events conducted a survey on the go-to-market challenges that Dutch companies face and 52% of the surveyed companies identified commercialization of new product and service ideas as the most critical issue in their innovation process, 50% on innovation strategy definition, and 44% on project and portfolio management.

The Important Role of the CIO

During the 600Minutes Executive IT event in Zürich, Switzerland, Management Events spoke with Menny Barzilay, Cyber Security Strategist, Former CISO, and Israeli Defence Force CIO to get his thoughts on the role of a Chief Innovation Officer.

Mr. Barzilay says, “The role of the CIO is to create the ground, the place, where those people (natural entrepreneurs in the company) can actually innovate.”
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