Published 27. Dec. 2016

The Future is Digital, Change is Now

Axians, provider of a unique array of solutions for designing, implementing and operating ICT infrastructure, stresses the importance of transforming for the digital future now.
Digital Business


For Axians, the biggest difference in delivering services from digitalizatoin to Internet of Things for the past 20 years is the customers changing business models.

From owning hardware and software to a more service oriented model with pay-per-use earning models, customers now need the suppliers to be more than just suppliers but more of a strategic partner in business. Another noticeable change is in request for standardization on a single software solution that’s shifting towards a best of breed economy where small solutions can be easily integrated with APIs.

This steady shift towards a more sophisticated and smarter platforms is creating an entirely new kind of economic agents that are capable of the following:

  • Run autonomously in the economy.
  • Turn start-ups into world players in an instant.
  • Introduce new players and business models to existing markets faster than ever.


IT plays an important role in the digitization of products and services. The availability and especially the speed in which an organization deploys new technologies will define its competitive position in the future.

Digital transformation will introduce the next “golden era” heralding unprecedented new relationships between people, companies, and machines. A lot of it will be due to the Internet of Things. Combined with cognitive functionality, reality will be a lot like science fiction. In that world, things will be more autonomous and will even respond faster and probably more accurate than the human brain. Digitalization will take over a lot of human work, even as new jobs arise. What used to work, might not anymore in the near future.

But unfortunately, digital transformation today is still largely underestimated by top management due to a general lack of digital transformation awareness, IT and OT combination knowledge gap, and the business still doing well using the old systems. These companies must quickly realize that more and more things are going to be connected to the Internet very soon and they will bring with them huge perils and gains. Caught unprepared, their business will not have a place in the future.

Just Begin

The key to digital transformation is the organizing and mining of data, followed by the creation of new business models based on new algorithms. These facilitate the workforce, assisting it with interactive and new real-time insights, at exactly the right time. Above all, it gives organizations, employees, and consumers: choice, transparency and independence — which in turn creates new responsibilities and entrepreneurship.

Information is increasingly available in real time, enabling automated decisions and creating more efficiency, predictability, and velocity. To create such an environment, there is a growing need for smart software solutions, integration, and smart sensors.

Digital transformation needs agility: the ability to use technology to alter course quickly in response to market changes. That ability gives organisations an increasingly greater chance of success, day by day.

“Digital Agile” organisations work more flexibly, effectively and can maneuver at the right time. While others hesitate, they have the ability to seize opportunities and to respond immediately to the changes the market demands.

Axians attended the Internet of Things in The Netherlands on 7th of December 2016 as a solution provider. 

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