Published 12. Apr. 2017

Full Service Plus Added Value Equals Excellent Customer Experience Delivery

Digitalization has changed businesses and customers alike. To survive and thrive in the new environment, it's a must for companies to be fully customer-centric and highly service oriented.
Supply Chain and Procurement

ull Service Plus Added Value Equals Excellent Customer Experience Delivery2

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions provides industrial air purification as a full service to their customers in different industries. Processes need a clean working environment and the highly developed digitized processes requires this even more, “Our bigger customers have high developed digitalized processes. Everything is optimized on digital processes and software driven structure and externally on the full service in the web. For us especially, we take a good look on the automated working processes in the warehouse or the production site to provide the best service”

The benefits of digitalization?

  • Easy information access.
  • Highly efficient service due to tracked and monitored data.
  • More intelligent and better performance due to shared data.

But for customers, the greatest opportunity lies in business contracts and contracts development, “By using the digital advantages as in shared data we can work on a high efficient level providing the best service to our customers. For the future this means that our customers may use our service “automated” via new tools like the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things, Science Fiction No More

How is customer experience defined in the context of air purification manufacturing? “Customer experience for us is providing customers with full service to enable them to concentrate on their business.”

What does full service mean?

“At Zehnder, we decided to enter the brave new world of digitalization to test the possibilities of data shared between devices with a starter project. This is in partnership with our customer, Martin & Servera in Stockholm, Årsta. We placed information screens in their visitor reception and employee entrance areas, as well as dust meters in their buildings where our Clean Air Solutions are installed. Then we connected the devices to communicate with one another. The dust meters pick up information regarding the quality of the clean air in the building and send it to the information screens for visitors and employees to see. The data is shown in an easy-to-read diagram and updated as new information is gathered, real-time.” The screens also show the benefits of working in an environment with clean air, highlighting how Martin & Servera’s employees enjoy better health and how the company’s machines experience less downtime due to less dust circulating on the site. That’s full service. For added value due to clean air as a service, “We added even more value to their employees, customers, and visitors by displaying Martin & Servera’s company info, relevant transport schedules, and even the weather forecast plus a live news ticker. This means that everyone who passes one of these screens will be a little bit more informed. This project confirmed one very important point for us: IoT is not science fiction anymore. Its benefits are real and the technology is ready.”

When Your Business is Your Customers

A lot of companies fail to reach full digitalization. The reasons why may vary, but they all have something to do with leadership, “You need an open-minded and courageous management behind the company’s transformation.”

One of the biggest reasons hindering a company’s development is lack of top management support. They should view change as something positive, an asset to the company, and that it entails quick decision-making and implementation, “As a leader, you need to get everyone onboard for the change.”

The vision and targeted results should also be clear, and this clarity can be achieved by answering the following questions: Why do we need to change? How will digital transformation help us reach our aims? Will we be able to create new businesses with this change? What skills do we need to address and successfully transform for a digital business?

Another hindrance is budget and resources, “Nobody will change if they do not see the benefits of the change, but if there is added value, change is much easier.”

And yet another challenge is new competencies created by highly complex systems. Today, as everyone is confronted with information overload, focus is a must develop skill, “But for us, it’s not a competency, but a philosophy issue. It’s about the willingness to develop and stay curious.

At Zehnder, everything about this digital transformation is for our customers and the improvement of their experience with us, because our business is our customers.”

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions will be attending 600Minutes Supply Chain and Procurement in Sweden on the 27th of September 2017 as a solution provider. Event discussions include:

  • Disruptive technologies as a game changer for purchasing and logistics.
  • Circular economy – the future business paradigm for competitive advantage in supply management.
  • Aligning Procurement and Supply Chain strategy to the business.
  • Risk management and accountability when managing local and global supplier relations.
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