Published 26. Oct. 2015

Energy Industry Needs Attitude!

Energy and Resources

By Markku Rimpiläinen


Leadership. We have lots of good people in the industry, but we need to take a step up in the leadership. We need to get new people in, we need to have more courage to renew, we need to work much faster than before as the energy system is changing. There is lots to do, and there are lots of opportunities, but we need more leadership to succeed.

Attitude. The changes in the energy sector can happen faster than maybe ever before in the history. In this situation, we need the right attitude. We should almost encourage anarchy to get new disruptive ideas from our people.

People. Focus on getting the right people on the bus, and building the right kind of culture. Foster discipline that leads to the operational excellence, but also freedom to take risks.

Skills. When we build our strategy, and when we analyze what we should do, we shouldn´t rely too much on the external data. Instead, we must focus a lot on the internal capabilities and assets – and especially the skilled people in our organization.
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