Published 14. Dec. 2016

Elisabeth Hultengren is the 2016 Influencer of the Year

Public Sector


Management Events’ Influencer of the Year Award for government is an annual recognition given to a visionary or a pioneer who’s had a strong impact on the industry. The nominees and the winner were chosen by the IndustryForum Government, Sweden, event participants.

This year’s nominees were Brottsförebyggande rådet, BRÅ’s Erik Wennerström and Trafikverket’s Niclas Lamberg, with Försäkringskassan’s Elisabeth Hultengren emerging as the winner.

Asked for her thoughts on the award, Elisabeth said, “I am delighted to have received this award and that our customer experience is a success. Our brand of customer experience depends a lot on our employees, on the digital channels, working so well with the design and address forms. We are extremely proud that our online services provide what our customers need.”

She sees digital transformation, particularly in self-service, as one of the challenges ahead. Moving customer service out on the web so the customers can be in full control is just the first part of the “customer first” experience.

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