Published 20. Mar. 2017

Digitalization is Key to Great Customer Experience Delivery

Customer experience is on everyone's agenda these days. There may yet be a set of universal guidelines for how to best deliver it, but Adra Software AS, a digital company, has some ideas.


Digitalization is the core of Adra Software AS’ business and so automating manual financial processes is as natural to them as breathing. Adra believes that customer experience is mostly about making it easier for customers to have access to solutions and knowledge and helping them be more productive and compliant. That means constant communication and continuous products/solutions improvement.

At the core of their business is automation, which, for customers, means more time spent on value-creating tasks, as it:

  • Saves time.
  • Mitigates risks and increases efficiency.
  • Provides internal control and overview.

Customer experience is also about protecting customers from constant security threats such as cyber attacks. But as Adra is a SaaS solutions provider, they can deliver better access, security, maintenance, and service to their customers.

Digitalization Means More Opportunities

Digitalization has turned industries upside-down. Traditional industries are being forced to go digital not just for relevance, but also for competitiveness. Also playing a big role in the industry-wide disruption are tech trends like mobile devices, Big Data, and robotics.

Instead of seeing those as threats, Adra looks at them as opportunities, as they could translate to more customers, more functionality and process optimization, and broader services. But before opportunities turn into benefits, companies must first overcome challenges such as how to continuously improve knowledge, change the way they work, and be open to changes.

At present, a lot of companies are finding it hard to fully digitalize. Adra thinks it’s due to the following:

  • Awareness and knowledge of the opportunities of digitalization.
  • Mindset
  • Time/Timing
  • Budget/Costs

In situations like this, companies must ensure their employees’ participation in the transformation process. Adra has some suggestions:

  • Get everyone on board by providing knowledge, communication, engagement, awareness, and information.
  • Educate, increase awareness for digital competence, to see possibilities and reduce fear and skepticism related to digitalization.
  • Make having a strategic mindset on digitalization a part of the company’s DNA.
  • Have a systematic approach in gaining profit.
  • Replace manual work with digital.

Adra Software AS will be attending 600Minutes CFO in Norway on the 30th of May 2017 as a solution provider. Event discussions include:

  • Enterprise risk management.
  • Changing role of CFO in the era of digital transformation.
  • How can the CFO cooperate best with the board?
  • Performance management.
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