Published 09. Aug. 2016

How Digitalization Helps Keep Your Valuables Safe

Retail and Consumer


It used to be that the opening and closing of safes was mainly a manual process. The codes were also fixed, so the work needed in changing them was extensive and thus expensive. Back then, code lists were a weak point according to Detlef Lücke, Sales Director at INSYS Locks, and adds, “Today, lock systems generate individual codes out of several personal data like personnel number, birth date, etc., and every opening and closing of the safe is logged and can be traced to a specific person.”

The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself

“We see people’s fear in bringing their encapsulated infrastructure to a new and higher level,” observed Lücke, “They especially shrink from the idea that processes are now being handled via the Internet.” What can help people overcome their fear is learning how much they can benefit from digitalization and looking into what innovators have done to successfully transform their businesses.

It’s a fact that digitalization will change work for most people, but work will become easier and much more efficient over time. Not only that, with digitalization, theft incidences will be reduced and cash handling will be more secure and comfortable for customers and their service providers.

IoT and Intelligent Lock Systems

The Internet of Things changes business philosophies. Processes have to be reviewed and adapted to the manifold possibilities. Working with IoT technologies means working in new kinds of business environments where everything’s connected and informed, anytime, anywhere. In security, previously encapsulated and stand-alone lock systems are now connected online. The challenge lies in taking care of IT security on one side, and convincing clients to trust in this technology, on the other.

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