Published 13. Sep. 2016

Digital Connection to Nurse - FUJITSU Healthcare Solution Plus Ensures Safe Home Care


by Markku Rimpiläinen


FUJITSU’s Heikki Koskinen and Minna Inkinen presenting the contents of the healthcare portfolio.

The FUJITSU Healthcare Solution Plus is a new digital health service that supports domiciliary care. The nurse automatically receives information about the patient’s well-being. Then communication between the nurse and the customer is easily upheld via video connection. The new service is piloted at one of the Mainio Vire’s service homes in Helsinki.

FUJITSU Healthcare Solution Plus is an opportunity to offer care at home – partially or fully – for a larger group of customers. The service is applicable for varying situations from post-surgery follow-ups to supporting a customer whose care is fully carried out at one’s own home.

“The time spent in the hospital is shorter, the home visits can be made virtually, and the customer’s wellbeing is monitored real-time. Our goal is to create a humane and safe healthcare environment at the patient’s home,” says Heikki Koskinen, Director at Fujitsu Finland.

Wellbeing Kit at Customer’s Home  

The service is based on a wellbeing kit that is delivered to the customer.

The wellbeing watch of the kit measures the customer’s physical health and performance. A tablet computer is needed for communication between the customer and the nurse.

Initialization of the service has been made very easy. The treating unit orders the kit to the customer. Fujitsu delivers the kit, gives guidance for the customer, and makes sure everything is working.

The wellbeing watch is fully automated. It measures the activity level, the amount and quality of sleep, as well as body temperature of the customer. The measurement data is flowing to the nurses in real-time.

Based on the data, the watch is producing an activity curve that also shows the sleep periods. The watch learns the activity level and sleep rhythm of the customer only in a few days and counts the personal activity index of the individual. The index and its changes are the basis for the treatment planning. If rapid changes emerge, the healthcare unit is informed automatically.

Due to the health data available, building a treatment plan is more accurate than before.

Contact Whenever Needed

The tablet computer that is part of the wellbeing kit enables video contact between the customer and the treatment unit.

The nurse can contact the customer in the scheduled video meeting to see how he/she is doing and how the recovery is progressing. In a similar manner, the customer can make a nurse call in case there is a need to talk to the nurse face-to-face.

With the alarm button of the wellbeing watch the customer can inform the treatment unit about a need for an immediate contact.

“The tablet of the wellbeing kit also includes an opportunity for a family call which makes it possible to include a family member to the process. The nurse, the customer and the family member can all take part in a video meeting to discuss about the treatment,” emphasizes Minna Inkinen, Senior Project Manager at Fujitsu Finland.

Family View to the Wellbeing Information

FUJITSU Healthcare Solution Plus has been piloted for three months at Mainio Vire’s Käpylä Service Home in Helsinki.

“We regularly follow our service home customers’ activity curves and their sleep,” says the Service Director Riitta Orenius.

“In case the customer tells us about a bad night and insufficient sleep, we can take a look at how the night has been and discuss what may have caused it.”

Also the Mainio Vire’s customers’ family members have been given the possibility to try out the service.

“The family members can access their loved one’s wellbeing information with their own mobile device. That can ease the worry about the situation of the elders,” states Riitta Haapanen, the Development and Quality Director of Mainio Vire.

Assisting in Everyday Life

FUJITSU Healthcare Solution Plus changes the daily life of both the customer and the treating unit.

“The service fastens the discharge of the patient. Also, the treatment period is safer than before as the observation is frequent and contact to the treatment unit can be formed very quickly when needed. The most significant change is likely to be seen at the care organizer’s end. The video connection and analyzing the accurate health data are all new things that will certainly change the treatment practices.”

FUJITSU Healthcare Solution Plus is constantly developed. The development of the next version will already start during this year.

“There will still not be any complicated appliances in the wellbeing kit. The principle of simplicity will be maintained to offer easy-to-use, safe, and treatment supporting service,” Heikki Koskinen concludes.

FUJITSU will be attending the IndustryForum Healthcare event in Finland on the 27-28th of September 2016 as a solution provider. For more on our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar »