Published 07. Dec. 2016

Digital Transformation Comes with Social Responsibilities

IoT product development challenges existing R&D thinking and enables more impactful product development.
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Einar Lindquist image by Drago Prvulovic, 2016-02-10

Einar Lindquist Image by Drago Prvulovic, 2016-02-10

“Digitalization has placed the customer at the center of organizational priority and processes,” says Advenica CEO Einar Lindquist.

It used to be that businesses were the ones dictating the customer contact and service hours. Today, it’s the other way around, as the end users are now the ones initiating contact and controlling how they want to be served and when, “This forces businesses to change their focus from customer request management to business process improvement and optimization. Companies are pressed to provide a more precise, immediate, and efficient delivery.”

Challenges to Overcome

The radical shift in focus is not without challenges. Lindquist identifies them as follows:

  • The Need for Security-Oriented Skilled People  – System developers, architects, and designers with a mindset geared towards security are in demand. Teaching this kind of a mindset has proven to be very difficult, so it must be an innate quality. The challenge lies in finding them.
  • Increased Security – Information and cyber security challenges piggyback with the opportunities created by digitalization. Though the threats are ahead in the game, the increasing awareness in offensive cyber capabilities is helping the industry strengthen its security posture.
  • Transition from Old to New – Mature businesses may find it very challenging to operate on decades-old systems while also digitizing. But thanks to new technologies, like hybrid cloud, work processing in the cloud is possible while keeping other workloads in traditional on-prem IT systems or private clouds.

Digital Responsibility

It’s important for organizations to understand their role in social transformation, “Digitalization is happening everywhere in society. The expansion of IT solutions in a variety of new contexts, together with an increase in cyber threats, is creating a dilemma for the organization’s board of directors.” Lindquist adds that the board must embrace the responsibility of balancing the functional, sustainable, and privacy aspects of digitalization, “Information security now must be prioritized in board rooms. Without digital responsibility, we may end up in a functional but brittle society. We must realize that the more functions of society we digitize, the more those functions will become as equally important as water, electricity, and sewer, in time.”

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Juha Turunen

Chief Solution Executive, Symbio Finland