Published 16. Aug. 2016

How DDAs and DevOps Help Improve Customer Experience



Streamlining Data Quality

In the digital age, everything starts with data — not just any data but quality data, as the value of reports is directly proportional to the quality of the data they’re based on. “With automated data validation and consistency checking, possible data quality issues are detected at an early stage and are dealt with accordingly,” says Hendrikx ITC’s Co-Founder Ad Hendrikx.

“Inconsistencies, changing data formats, and incompleteness are some of the challenges faced by our customers when it comes to their big data,” but with up-to-date Data Delivery Agreements (DDA) in place, all of those issues will be addressed and data quality improvement will be assured. A DDA is an official signed document that serves as a reference for all the agreed upon deliverables. That’s why it’s important to keep it current, “Data quality decreases rapidly when documents like DDAs and repositories are not kept up-to-date.”

In data quality improvement projects, it’s important to do the following:

  • Explain the importance and benefits of good data quality to all stakeholders.
  • Make sure that the DDAs between data publishers and subscribers are created and kept up-to-date.
  • Invest in a framework for online monitoring of items that are in the DDA (Data Formats, Data Delivery Times, Data Consistency, etc.)
  • Protect engineers from outdated systems that slow down work. Upgrades cost, but in the long run, employees will be happier and more motivated knowing they have the right tools to efficiently do their work.

Hiring True IT Professionals

Aside from DDAs, organizations also need motivated and skilled DevOps or on-the-spot data support engineers in delivering excellent customer experience, “DevOps deal with inter-departmental communication between software developers and other IT professionals.” Their presence enables organizations to provide real-time, quick, and reliable solutions for issues that usually get diverted to help centers, resulting in the efficient development, testing, and releasing of IT solutions. But as with data, where there’s emphasis on quality, just any DevOps won’t do. Enthusiasm, skills and flexibility are crucial for delivering excellent work.

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