Published 02. Sep. 2016

Customers Love Talking, Are Companies Listening?

Human Resources


The digital native customers of the future are going to be demanding and impatient, according to Aditro’s Commercial Director Carl-Johan Borgenstam and Account Manager Joakim Batz, “Because they grew up with technology, they expect for everything to be customizable and individualized, and available ‘Now!'”

How to meet and exceed these expectations?

Try a Holistic Approach to Innovation

At Aditro, being a step ahead is important, that’s why the question, “How will forms of employment look in the future?” is often asked. The anticipation of the future being a lot different than today is a major driver in its service development efforts. Its leadership is also fostering cross-organizational innovation, abandoning the old silo route, “There’s a need to see the whole process and make sure that all parts are taken care of and that employees are encouraged to go out of their comfort zone, try new things, and make mistakes.” The following are also implemented:

  • Openness – Daring to try new things even if what used to work still works. It’s important to discover better ways of operating and be quick in making decisions. The first step is to, “Start walking in one direction, even if it might be in a small scale, instead of waiting and hesitating. If the decision turns out to be wrong, the direction can always be changed, and in doing so, learn something new.”
  • Agility – Going-to-market quicker to fulfill future customer needs, “There has to be a stable standardized ground that can be built on with new updates and adaptions and roll-out with short intervals.” Working within standardized ways might feel confining at first, but it gives a flexibility that makes it easier to change quickly at a lower cost.
  • Cooperation – No one can see the whole picture on their own. What do customers want? “To get this knowledge, organizations need to get involved with their customers and partners, and then allow their customers to be the pilots to help ensure they get the products and services that they need.”

Create Product Ambassadors

Inclusiveness is one the main reasons why entrants succeed and is something that established companies can emulate. Their customers are already their product’s ambassadors even before it’s launched since they’re involved in its creation, “Take Wase, as an example, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. By connecting drivers to each other, they help people to create local communities that are working together to enhance the driving experience for all.”

Cooperation between customers, partners, and stakeholders will create “self-selling” products because their development is based on everyone’s expectations, “No one understands their business better than themselves. As customers and partners know what they want, they will set tougher requirements.”

Finally, established companies have to stop comparing their offerings to competitors similar to them, and instead get inspiration from other types of businesses, “That’s a sure way to get new innovative ideas.”

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