Published 07. Oct. 2016

Customer Experience Shouldn't be So Complicated



Customer experience is the end-to-end journey or interaction of a customer with a company. These interactions, occurring in various sales processes or interactive customer systems, present companies with golden opportunities to impress and impact the customer.

To take advantage of those opportunities, companies must invest in the following:

  • Customer-Centricity – Organizations must be customer-oriented or have goals built around the customer and not the company. They have to invest in internal processes like equipping and training employees to cultivate a “for-every-problem-there’s-a solution mindset” and be curious, responsive, entrepreneurial, motivated, and committed to providing the customer with the best solutions.
  • Digital Capabilities – Providing a seamless experience in all touch points requires technical or digital capabilities. The importance of the customer getting the same excellent treatment on all channels and in all the issues couldn’t be stressed enough. Digitization is the perfect excuse or reason for companies to refine internal processes, streamline efforts, and fully automate.

The Timeless Power of Chocolate + a Thank You Note

Today, it’s not enough to just deliver and meet customer expectations, especially inside this equation: increased digitalization equals decreased personal interaction.

Large companies with a huge customer base may find it challenging to maintain a personal connection with each customer, but they can always get a bit more personal with each purchase by, for example, adding a piece of chocolate or even a handwritten “thank you” note.

Personal interaction, at least as it’s known, might be declining, but new forms are dawning. Customers have more options and ways now to get in touch with companies and vice versa. It’s up to companies to improve their self-service and social media game. At the end of all the efforts is the customer feeling confident and satisfied towards the company.

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