Published 13. Oct. 2016

Customer Experience is Answering the Customers' Whys

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Customer Experience is Answering the Customers' Question


There are a lot of customer experience definitions out there, but for Kaspersky Lab’s DACH General Manager Holger Suhl, it can be defined through addressed customer expectations, which these days are mostly about fluid, friction-less, and channel agnostic business interactions. Companies need a 360-degree view of their customers to deliver those and according to Suhl, “Those that can rope in their customer’s friends, relatives, and colleagues are posed to win this game.”

Companies also need digital capabilities to reach the target audience and create a sustainable strategy but, “Many companies seeking to go digital are still unclear about the best way to set up their IT organizations, develop the tools and talent required to manage digital information, and establish and maintain online services and automated processes.”

At Kaspersky Lab, customer experience is about protecting what matters most to customers: their personal data, and securing data involves capabilities, systems, as well as awareness of the following:

  • DDoS attacks.
  • Theft of personal data and information for accessing electronic money.
  • Stolen money from bank accounts or accounts in other organizations.
  • Espionage (private or company).
  • Cyber extortion : blocking access to the data of an infected computer.

Three Keys to Customer-Centricity

Suhl believes that customer experience is a new business currency and that, “A seamless customer experience is delivered when you answer the questions your customers are asking.” He admits that it sounds simplistic, but adds, “If you speak the same language as your costumer and establish a framework for leaders as guidance, that’s customer-centric, and you’re on the right track as it moves you from trying to drive improvement on all the touch-points to focusing on what really matters in their lives.”

Customer-Centricity requires the following:

  • Responsiveness – With social media channels now being part of the customer communication experience, customers expect companies to respond quickly and provide concise but informative support.
  • Accessibility – Customer-centric organizations need to make it easy for customers to connect with them wherever and whenever they want. They need to make sure that all their sites are also optimized for search and for mobile devices. They have to communicate in a clear and accessible way that everyone understands, as there is no more room for industry jargon.
  • Empathy – It is not just about quick response, but the right tone. Talk to customers as if talking to a friend with a problem. That approach fosters loyalty akin to that of a friend’s.

Kaspersky Lab GmbH will be attending DACH IndustryForum Cyber and Information Security on the 31st of January 2017 and DACH IndustryForum Internet of Things on the 31st of May 2017, in Germany, as a solution provider.

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