Published 30. May. 2016

Combitech Wins Project of the Year in Finland

Cyber Security

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This year, the Management Events’ 600Minutes Information and Cyber Security event in Finland had two candidates for two different awards, Project of the Year and Influencer of the Year, but only one winner.

Combitech‘s development of Urban Information Security Management was voted as the 2016  Project of the Year, besting Influencer of the Year candidate Pasi Sutinen of Fortinet.

Urban Information Security Management with Combitech’s Jouni Jääskeläinen

There was a need to have a clear monitoring solution for the city of Turku’s ICT environment as it’s big and has a number of products for monitoring. The solution must acts as a system of systems and provide a better situational awareness in the entire ICT organization. Although solutions exist, they weren’t enough as they operate with just individual technologies and manufacturers, and only has one targeted need. Management Events spoke with Combitech’s Jouni Jääskeläinen to know more about the project.

What was your project about?

“The project was about developing information security management in an urban environment. The city of Turku is quite broad as a whole, being a large city in Finland. The city management was worried about what the situation with their information security is. We helped them to get an understanding in that.”

What was the starting point of the project?

“Well, first off we met them, asking have they thought about this. The city management got excited. They had a strategic goal to do something about it. We, Combitech, helped them get started and gain understanding on what these tools and services can do. It went quite well, they saw directly what kind of things can be realized, in what shape things are and what they can do to these things.”

Were there any challenges in the project?

“There are always challenges when you do this kind of high-tempo project is done. Both parties need to be incredibly flexible and have people who know what they are doing. All was done within schedule and challenges are made to be overcome. When you work together it will all fall into place.”

Will you continue working with the city of Turku in this project?

“We hope so, but nothing has yet been agreed upon regarding the future.”

Management Events’ Project of the Year Award is an annual recognition of an idea that has greatly contributed to a company’s growth and development. The nominees were chosen by the Awards Committee and the winner by the 600Minutes Information and Cyber Security event participants.

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