Published 24. Jan. 2017

Co-Creation Over Competition is the Modern Supply Chain’s New Motto

Osman Akdemir, Director Innovations, Yellowstar Solutions on what keeps the supply chain afloat and thriving in the age of disruption.
Supply Chain and Procurement

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Yellowstar Solutions’ Innovations Director Osman Akdemir predicts that only those that can anticipate on the latest trends and adapt to changes quickly will survive the age of disruption. For the Innovations Director, these are the must-watch trends:

  • Internet of Things – As the Internet has matured with almost everyone having access to it, next in line is the Internet of Things. It means more eyes, ears, and antennae in the form of cameras, sensors, RF tagging and so on, making self-driving cars and trucks and other sci-fi products a current reality.
  •  Personalization – Today, design customization and personalization can be done through a designer app, for example, for a car or furniture. With this in mind, just image the impact on the supply chain when it comes out to customization and production on the next day or hour.

As for which companies, will produce the biggest disruptive innovation, “It’s Facebook, Tesla, and Amazon.”

Facebook for its massive social network and access to millions of people’s information. Tesla for transportation (turning cars into money-making machines when not in personal use) and energy (i.e. house batteries and solar roofs), and finally Amazon for the biggest retail platform that includes all kinds of aspects (i.e. Amazon Drone and Amazon Go concepts).

Collaboration, Agility, and Enthusiasm

“Many traditional supply chains are increasingly becoming more agile, adaptive, resilient, and are supporting faster and more flexible responses to the changing needs of their customers,” shares Akdemir.

Today’s supply chain players are growing more diverse and are interacting in interdependent and often indirect ways. They are what one may call “anti-fragile,” fully subscribing to the idea that only in change do they learn and grow. The data they gather together create greater transparency and connectivity with suppliers and partners, and they focus on co-creation instead of competition.

In an ever-complex supply chain, cooperation is everything, “Companies reduce costs, improve services, and anticipate on risks beforehand.”

But sadly, Akdemir observes, “Most companies stop collaborating once they’ve become big. They want to do everything themselves, because they believe they’re better than others. But as their size increases, their speed, agility and efficiency decrease, just like an elephant.”

Big but still successful service companies keep things in small pieces, as it empowers them to keep their collaboration on a high-level and easily overcome challenges.

As Henry Ford says, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” And Akdemir believes it should also be applicable to systems.

Open-Minded and Proactive

The advent of new ideas, concepts, processes, and tools call for constant innovation. To innovate, an organization must have an open-minded and agile management style and what’s called a people’s leader. This leader will empower and encourage team members to take ownership of their work, giving management more time to concentrate on more important things,

As Richard Branson says, ‘Listen, learn, laugh, and lead.’

This open positive minded management style will enable the supply chain to anticipate and react to change in a timely positive manner.

The modern supply chain managers should ask themselves the following questions to find out if they’re leading an open-minded, pro-active organization:

  • Is your organization anticipating or responding?
  • Is there cooperation within the entire supply chain? Are all the parties sufficiently involved?
  • Does your IT system support proactively and coach your supply chain when things are about to go wrong?
  • Is your supply chain team able to improve your organization and supply chain process continuously?

Yellowstar Solutions will be attending the 600Minutes Supply Chain in The Netherlands on the 10th of May 2017 as a solution provider. 

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