Published 13. Oct. 2015

Christian Hoppe has been chosen as the German Influencer of the Year!

Financial Services


The Influencer of the Year Award is given annually to a visionary or a pioneer who has had a strong impact on their field.

The nominees were named by the awards committee, consisting of the IndustryForum Banking events’ Advisory Board members, and the winner was chosen by the participants of the event.

The audience was impressed by Christian Hoppes progressive work and his visions in banking, which led him to win. One can describe mr. Hoppe as a self-driven visionary of the field. He founded and remains in charge of FinTech line. During his time as the director of main incubator he has proven to have a deep understanding of the dynamics of the markets and of the competitors.

This year the other candidates were Michael Maier from Fidor Bank AG, Thomas Jorberg from GLS Gemeinschaftsbank and Christiane Decker from TeamBank AG Nürnberg.

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