Published 09. Nov. 2016

[Report]: CFO the Strategist

IoT product development challenges existing R&D thinking and enables more impactful product development.


The report revealed that finance executives think that today’s CFOs are a far cry from the invisible overseer of the company’s finances. As they see the markets from financial lenses — they’re able to assess the viability of new business models and deploy quickly or as needed — they’re the ideal business strategist and partner for the CEO.

CFO the Strategist: Key Report Takeaways

  1. Role shift – From silent enabler to proactive frontline strategist, the CFO with his financial expertise is now expected to provide the CEO with real-time insights in aid of decision-making.
  2. Process automation – For efficiency and quick response to market change, most organizations have process automation on top of their priorities.
  3. New capability requirements – Today, aside from crunching numbers, finance professionals are expected to be involved in corporate strategy direction steering, as well as in identifying new business opportunities.
  4. New technologies – It’s a must for modern CFOs to have a firm grasp of the business benefits of new technologies. They’re tasked to identify which of these technologies have value-adding potentials and which can actually be capitalized on.

CFO the Strategist

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Juha Turunen

Chief Solution Executive, Symbio Finland