Published 23. Sep. 2016

BTJ Finland Wins the 2016 Digital Project of the Year Award!

Digital Business


BTJ‘s Engaging Customers in the Decision-Making Process project took home the Management Events Project of the Year Award besting two other worthy projects in Trafi‘s The Integration of Traffic Insurance and Vehicle Registration project and SSAB‘s Renewing project.

BTJ Finland created a tool for public libraries to involve customers in the acquisition of new media that can be borrowed. The wishes, comments, and feedback from customers lead to better purchasing decisions. Most municipalities have a strategic target to involve residents in the decision-making process, but this tool enables public libraries and is a first of its kind for public organizations.

The project implemented a web-based portal for end-users, tools for librarians to manage the service and to make use of the collected data, and integrations to all library managements systems used in Finnish public libraries. Product lists used in the service can also be created by libraries themselves or provided by their partners.

Asked for the most crucial challenges, accomplishments, and results regarding the project, according to BTJ they are related to user experience. Expectations from the libraries’ customers and librarians were very different as their needs and ways of using the service are very different. Another challenge worth mentioning was the novelty of the service. In practice, it meant all the references and best practices had to be found from other industries. Novelty also meant librarians had to be orientated to fully understand the benefits of the service.

Today, BTJ is all ready providing this service to over one million library customers in Finland, which must be their greatest accomplishment, so far. In future, they are expect even greater accomplishments when the service to other customer segments in public and private sectors is deployed.

Finally, BTJ has some tips for other organizations on how a digitalization project can be completed successfully:

The main success enabler was the involvement of customers providing insights and feedback from the very beginning of the project. The implementation of agile-methods also helped in keeping development work aligned with changing requirements and priorities.

Management Events’ Project of the Year Award is an annual recognition of a successfully executed idea that has greatly contributed to a company’s growth and development. The nominees and winner are chosen by the Digital Business and Services 2016 , Finland, event participants.

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