Published 29. Jun. 2016

Best Picks from the Fall Events

Strategy and Development



Internet of Things, 7.9.2016, Denmark

The Internet of Things event will take the IoT from vision to action. The event will explore the IoT data revolution, its meaning, and its monetization throughout different industries. The Internet of Things event is for the top decision makers responsible for IoT strategies and technology investments. Read more »


Nordic StrategyForum CFO, 15.9.2016, Latvia

Nordic StrategyForum CFO gathers together the highest finance executives from the largest organizations in the Nordics. The event will report the most topical issues of the CFO role and analyses the latest technological developments in the financial sector. Read more »


600Minutes Executive IT, 5.10.2016, The Netherlands

600Minutes Executive IT is the must-attend for the top IT decision makers leading their company to victory through the digitizing, disruptive world. The event will gather the best of the best CIOs and IT executives to discuss the future of IT. Read more »


IndustryForum Retail, 25.10.2016, Sweden

IndustryForum Retail dives deep into the customer journeys in retail without getting lost in the junctions of online and offline. The event will gather together the top retail decision makers to discuss the retail trends and tackle the issues of the industry. Read more »


CEO, 26.10.2016, Finland

The CEO event focuses on the leaders of the leaders of the largest organizations. The event defines leadership in the digital age, sheds light on the actual meaning of customer experience, and evaluates the value of people as the strategic asset. Read more »

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