Published 18. Jan. 2017

Hear the masterminds talk about AI

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will be coming of age this year. How prepared are you for this ultra high-tech reality?
IT Management

The event: European business AI and robotics 2017

Artificial Intelligence is the most disruptive business and technology trend in sight. It will have a major effect on the workforce, processes, and business models. That’s why this year, AI and Robotics will be a key theme in our business events.

In October, we will be having our first international and purely AI-focused event. The event in Helsinki will gather the entire North European AI ecosystem, including top business and technology decision-makers and innovative solution providers, to network and discuss AI business applications and AI and Robotics’ impact in business and society.

The event boasts of high-caliber visionary keynote speakers including:

  • 13th World Chess Champion, Human Rights Foundation Chairman, Senior Visiting Fellow at Oxford Martin School, and author of How Life Imitates ChessGarry Kasparov

– He may be the first GM to ever lose to an AI, but this natural-born tactician is undeniably one of the world’s greatest chess players of all time.

  • Former IDF CISO, Tel Aviv University Interdisciplinary Research Center CTO, and Cyber Security guru Menny Barzilay

A gifted storyteller, tech and innovation enthusiast Menny is a long-time cybersecurity strategist who’s been keeping a close eye on the dramatic wave of cybersecurity threats that the evolution to AI-based technologies pose.

– Ever the authentic speaker and outside-of-the-box thinker, he leaves no one disinterested and indifferent for long. No wonder he’s voted as the Most Disruptive CIO in 2016 at Talent Unleashed, and DBS as the world’s Most Digital Bank by Euromoney Awards for Excellence.

Decision-Makers Speak: How AI and Robotics Will Change Business

We asked top decision-makers how AI and robotics will change their businesses and why, and here’s what they said:

  • AI Will Climb to the Management Team’s Agenda – Machine-learning algorithms will be the basis for data-driven decision-making among senior management. AI’s impact will extend beyond internal efficiency and cut through the entire organization, and this revolution can’t be managed within the traditional silos of an organization.
  • AI Will Change Customer Engagement – Human-to-human contact in business relationships will no longer be the default. The cognitive, self-learning capabilities of machines will open a whole new vision of the future in terms of customer analysis, personalized omnichannel experience, and customer service with virtual assistants —  to name a few.
  • AI Will become the Workforce of 2020 – Machines and software will have learning capabilities and will be smarter. They can operate in previously unthinkable industries, processes, and environments. Self-learning intelligent machines will replace human tasks. Simultaneously, new human jobs are going to be created.
  • AI Will Revolutionize Business Models – AI has already disrupted many industries. It will offer organizations, regardless of industry, a chance to compete among their disruptors. While AI-related technologies are already reality for a limited number of global forerunners, all the signs are there that the time is right for large companies across Europe to start adopting AI, Robotics and Intelligent Automation, and go beyond the obvious business settings. If they want to remain future-proof, they have no choice.

While science fiction has set false expectations and worries over AI, 2017 will be its coming of age year in a wide-range of industries and functions, including automotive, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, cyber security, IT, marketing, and supply chain. Now is the perfect time to take an influential role in AI-powered business transformation.


European Business AI and Robotics, Finland, 2017 will be a gathering of 300+ business and technology decision-makers from all over North Europe. 

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