Published 05. Aug. 2016

Accelerated Digitization Efforts with Agile and Cloud

Financial Services


How to Deliver Fast and Efficient Service

In times of digital transformation many insurance companies fear market disruption, but they can also see digitalization as an opportunity. The case presented here is about an insurance company that wants to introduce new digital business models as quickly as possible, as well as better integrate business partners and improve customer experience. The applications that support these business processes are built on a cloud-based platform that enables fast and efficient service delivery.

Building Custom Applications Based on Platform Functionalities

IPT AG suggested and introduced a solution based on the ServiceNow platform. The platform features:

  1. The use of a process-oriented portal.
  2. Automated workflows.
  3. Integration with internal back-end systems as well as external partners.

The platform is hosted in the cloud and accessible via the web. Building custom applications on top of the platform is very efficient since existing functionalities can be reused. The agile development approach allows fast development of individual solutions and enables the case company to see, try, and give feedback on the current state of work every single week. An example of an innovative custom application that was built within a few weeks is a partner management portal for the insurance. It allows case management across organizational borders and improves the interaction between the insurance and its partners.

64% Increase in Efficiency and More

Using agile and cloud, low-cost and high-quality delivery for individual solutions were achieved. The go-live was a success and was celebrated just three months after kick-off. The internal staff, that was initially trained on the platform and accompanied the development of the new solution, now fully owns and operates it.

The fully customized solution based on a robust platform also delivered the following:

  • Higher integration accounted for a 64% increase in efficiency.
  • Fast and high-quality deployment of individual insurance portal solution.
  • High-security and data protection ensured.
  • Former barriers of legacy systems like mobile access and media breaks are removed.
  • Transparency of partner business achieved.
  • Cost transparency (easy to budget subscription fees).
  • No infrastructure that needs to be procured.
  • No operations to be managed.

The insurance company is now able to go to market with their innovative business ideas within just a few months compared to more than a year before they had the solution. IT has also become an enabler instead of being the “Department of No.” That’s how this company takes advantage of the opportunities of the digital age.

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