Published 20. Apr. 2017

Six Compelling Reasons for HR to Go Fully Digital

Drastic changes are happening across industries and one of the first functions affected is Human Resources. With new competency requirements come talent acquisition challenges.How should HR respond?
Human Resources


“Job postings are increasingly made in digital channels, with the focus in print shifting towards employer branding,” shares Oikotie Työpaikat’s Director, Joonas Pihlajamaa, “In addition to job boards, new channels for reaching passive job seekers have emerged, including display advertising and social media.”

For this reason, “A multichannel recruiting strategy is now needed, balancing tactical recruitment and strategic employer image activities.”

Win the Talent Acquisition War

As digital channels produce more rich data from user interactions, there’s more possibility for targeting and analysis, but it requires higher organizational maturity, “With potential for intelligent targeting and richer selection of channels, a company has the opportunity to execute effective and highly branded communication towards potential employees. Conversely, with ineffective targeting or inadequately executed hiring funnel, it is also possible to reach the wrong audience and create a poor application process for the potential employee.”

Artificial intelligence will offer companies the following significant opportunities:

  • Targeting communication to desirable audiences.
  • Highlighting interesting content for individual applicant.
  • Aiding the recruiter in the candidate selection phase by automating and augmenting the work.

But even without AI, analyzing data created from recruitment process will offer insights and opportunities to improve applicant experience.

For hiring companies, these can translate to significantly improved employer image and candidate satisfaction. And from the applicant’s perspective, digital process offer the following:

  • Take away some of the manual data input by using existing profile data.
  • Keep the person continuously up-to-date regarding the progress of recruitment process.
  • Offer unique opportunities to enhance the hiring process, e.g. gamification, rich video or VR information about employer.

Brave the Digital Transformation Out

Digitalization’s promises should be motivation enough for organizations to fully digitalize, plus they really don’t have much of a choice if they want to survive in the new environment. So, what’s holding a lot of companies back? Pihlajamaa cites three possible reasons:

  • Lack of sufficient prioritization of digital opportunities.
  • Not taking advantage of the data available to focus development to successful changes, quickly killing unsuccessful ones.
  • Lack of digital skills or learning in the HR organization, causing a slower pace of change.

As the pace of change in digital recruitment has increased, there’s more emphasis on learning and adaptability. There’s also a requirement for HR organizations to increase their IT knowledge as digital talent management tools produce more data. If they don’t, all those data will go to waste.

So, what kind of leadership does digital HR need? Pihlajamaa identified four characteristics:

  • Open-Minded – Ability to take in all the changes competing for a recruiter’s attention.
  • Relevant -Ability to select the most relevant for the current development phase of the organization.
  • Tech-Savvy – The capability to take advantage of the data offered by new tools, and enabling your organization to embrace the methods to use this data to constantly experiment with improvements to recruiting process.
  • Agile – Rapid discarding of the experiments that do not yield desired result, and taking into use those that do will enable “Lean Startup” type of high adaptability also for a recruiter.

Oikotie Työpaikat will be attending Future Strategic Leadership in Finland on the 1st of February 2018 as a solution provider. Event discussions include:

  • Making the company culture revolution happen.
  • Designing an end-to-end employee and candidate experience
  • Preparing business and organization for the era of human-machine collaboration.
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