Published 12. Sep. 2016

Two Giants Challenging Today's HR

Human Resources


Building an Attractive Employer Brand

An attractive company sees its people and that’s a leadership and management initiative, says Elgiganten’s Head of HR and Training Anna Lundwall, “If you’re not interested in your people, it will be hard to get to know them and help them grow.” She adds that creating an environment for everyone to thrive in is key to an amazing journey, “Even though I wasn’t interested in home electronics when I was just starting, what made me stay for 10 years is the company culture.”        

It’s a sentiment that Alfa Laval AB’s HR Vice President Inger Lönegård echoes, “Start from the inside. You can use your employee survey to engage, develop, and improve your teams. From there, you can build a culture and image that you can showcase to potential employees.”

SEB’s Gustav Lindberg has the opposite idea since he’s from an established brand, “We’re sourcing talent externally and building different trainee programs in line with profiles we’re trying to attract.” His company has a normal trainee program with 2,500 applicants from which they only absorb one percent. “We are a specialist organization, a financial organization, that now needs to attract potential employees from technical schools and universities, and so the challenge is to attract profiles that have nothing to do with finance to secure our future workforce.”

Preparing for the Future Workforce

According to Claus Heidenborg, SSAB AB’s Head of HR Operational Exellence, “I think the challenge lies in a diverse and blended workforce. In Sweden, we’re getting a lot of refugees from different cultures, business backgrounds, education, and languages — which is a potentially huge untapped workforce.”

For Sandvik’s HR Services Vice President and Global Head, Peter Hessel, the demographics and set of competences will be new, “People will no longer come to the office and work nine to five, they’ll instead want to work anywhere, anytime.”

This outlook is shared by Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden’ HR Director Arne Dahlberg, “The competence that people have today might not be enough for tomorrow, and the current school system, which is designed for specialization, isn’t helping people to develop their other areas of competencies.”

Leadership and HR – The Change Journey

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The interviews were conducted at the 600Minutes Leadership and HR in Sweden last 19th of May 2016. For more on our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar »