IndustryForum Hospital Healthcare

The chance to exchange thoughts and ideas with your fellow business leaders might be the extra boost your organization needs. At the event, we bring together the needs of top decision makers and the offerings of solution providers, generating business opportunities for both parties.

November 15 - 16, 2022



Ethicality and Technicality: The unavoidable when providing the right care in the right place
We are all on the same page, but in different books: The multiple languages of IT
The use of AI, ML, robotics, and automation where it makes the largest difference
Learn from the outside and combine resources on the inside
From a Chain to an Ecosystem: The Next Step in Chain-Based Healthcare


Michiel Kooper
Prinses Maxima Centrum voor Kinderoncologie
Bertine Lahuis
Wim van Harten
David Stevens
NYC Health + Hospital
Paul Iske
Maastricht University
Helen Mertens
Maastricht UMC+