Emerging Technologies

Taking the next leap without jumping the gun

May 31 - June 10, 2022


About the Event

We are never done exploring and inventing. It is in our nature. Emerging technologies are for the business leaders who have trouble accepting what is known and wish to find out what lies beyond their current capabilities. Yet, caution should always dictate our way forward. There are numerous developments that marginally improve business value or are even an outright disaster. Emerging technology may have a dark side that only appears during the process of implementation. This convention attempts to filter fact from fantasy so that we may pave a highway rather than a trail into the future. This year’s event will be part of a bigger happening: ME Executive Day. Here we will gather multiple IT target groups under one roof. Next to gathering Tech leaders and CxO's responsible for Emerging Technologies, we will also welcome other IT end responsibility on Cloud and Digital. Together we’ll explore best practices, share learnings, and co-transform. Join us!


Joost van der Vlies

CTO & Head of Architecture

Donald is an energetic, pro-active digital port & logistics professional, always striving to build sustainable connections, create new value and establish impactful partnerships. He has a strong business background and extensive international network in (container)shipping, ports, port community systems and startup eco systems. In addition, Donald gained experience in leading teams to build data driven and digital propositions in his positions at Port of Rotterdam and Portbase. Furthermore, Donald is an active mentor for startups in the field of digital and logistics (a.o. via the PortXL accelerator program), a valued member of advisory boards of companies in this industry and a regular guest lecturer at Erasmus University and the Shipping & Transport College (both in Rotterdam).

Donald Baan

Director Business Development

Erwin Rademaker

Port of Rotterdam

Charles Mander


Marjolein Slappendel


Han Dols

Head of Business Development & Entrepreneurship’

Jeroen Smit

Journalist & Bestseller Author
Leadership Speaker

Jarno Duursma

Tech Expert
Leadership Speaker

Robert Overweg

Workshop Facilitator
The Adaptable Mindset

Stijn Stabel

Carrefour Belgium

Rob Hendriks

Head of IT

Featured Sessions

Keynote : Case presentation : Edge vs Cloud – Are you Integrating it or Assimilating It?
Organizations are looking at how they can easily scale and increase the speed to market in a world that is increasingly connected and real-time data-driven. Especially, IoT produces a large amount of data that needs to be processed and analyzed so it can be used. Therefore, PostNL is trying to sort through the benefits of edge and cloud computing. What are the current developments? How to extend the cloud? How to determine if edge computing is right for your solution? Which services/applications will you run in the edge, and why? During this session, Joost van der Vlies will share how PostNL determines how they choose between cloud and the edge.
Speaker: Joost van der Vlies - PostNL
Case presentation : IoT: More than just a Containerbegrip
Together with Erwin Rademaker, Donald Baan will talk about the numerous applications of IoT and Smart technologies by bringing in a life size shipping container known as "Container 42". Inside, a set of advanced technologies will determine the future of shipping.
Speakers: Donald Baan - Portbase, Erwin Rademaker - Port of Rotterdam
Panel discussion : Scaling Success
The adoption of new technologies in a large multinational can be extremely difficult due to long procedures, outdated businesses models and grounded mindsets. During this panel, three successful scale-up CFO's will share their insights on how they continue to drive innovation in an agile way.
Speakers: Charles Mander - Felyx, Marjolein Slappendel - Temper
Keynote : CERN as a Business Technology Enabler
Han will summarize the technology landscape at CERN and explain how start-ups, large corporates and institutes team up with CERN to innovate together.
Speaker: Han Dols - CERN
Event Themes

In Discussion

David vs Goliath: Learning from our start-up/scale-up counterparts.

Avoiding artificial implementation of artificial intelligence

Looking beyond the hype: is there a future for blockchain and 5g?

Spotlight Videos




Identifying and mapping the organisational challenges of emerging technologies: business-driven, ecosystems and data foundation
Finding real business value for your organisation: automation technologies, IoT, edge computing, connectivity and blockchain
Search and control the ethical and social boundaries


Ruud Adriaans
APG Groep
Frank Ferro
Marloes Pomp
Dutch Blockchain Coalition
Djuri Baars
Martijn Thijsen
Port of Rotterdam
Tjerk Timan
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