Data and Analytics

The chance to exchange thoughts and ideas with your fellow business leaders might be the extra boost your organization needs. At the event, we bring together the needs of top decision makers and the offerings of solution providers, generating business opportunities for both parties.

March 09, 2022

The Netherlands

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Hot ITem
Digital Power BV
DataRobot Europe


Increasing the quality of your Data
Connecting the dots and bringing the different sources of Data together
Taking the Data savviness in the organization to the next level
What's the role and significance of your Data in today's changed society?
AI and other emerging technologies, what can they do for you?


CZ Groep
Bruisvan Driel
APM Terminals International B.V.
Trouw Nutrition Netherlands (SHV Holdings)
Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
Ralfde Haan
Pon Holdings
Gemeente Den Haag