Cloud Strategies

Shaping the Future of Cloud Computing - The Next Chapters of Security, Scalability and Governance

May 31 - June 10, 2022


About the Event

The acceleration of cloud computing has created a paradigm shift in the way enterprises do business, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. As a cloud leader, you are enabling the organization in a new area, where we have moved towards speed, scalability, and innovation. However, succeeding with the vision and reaching strategic goals for the cloud operation is not an easy way, therefore IT professionals need continuous attention on security, privacy, and cost optimization.

Stay ahead of the curve, learn best practices from your peers and empower yourself with in-depth expertise at our upcoming Cloud Strategies. This year’s event will be part of a bigger happening: ME Executive Day. Here we will gather multiple IT target groups under one roof. Next to gathering Cloud leaders, we will also welcome other IT end responsibilities on Tech and Digital. Together we’ll connect and discuss the latest trends, developments, and strategic initiatives within cloud security, governance, and innovation.


Jonas Aspman has been working within the IT industry for almost 25 years, with extensive experience from roles such as developer, teacher, system administrator, project manager and architect. Currently Head of Hosting and Cloud operations at SKF IT, focusing on the cloud journey and the modernisation of the hosting services at SKF.

Jonas Aspman

Head Hosting and Cloud Operations
SKF Group

Since 2019 Henk is Heading a Cloud Center of Excellence within NXP Semiconductors This team is responsible to enable accelerated and sustainable adaption of Cloud services across the enterprise both R&D and IT maximizing the ability to realize its benefits while reducing risk. In addition to Cloud Governance structure and policy, henks’ team will provide both cloud expertise ( both technical, ways of working etc) to ease cloud deployment, operations and security. Henk’s experience can be summarized as - mergers, acquisitions and divestments for the R&D IT domain in High Tech industry (including 1 out of world’s TOP10 high tech mergers) - leading cultural shifts in global IT organizations to become more effective - leading large IT organisations spread over the world ( Western and Eastern Europe, US, India , Mexico, China) - thought leader in information technology and cyber security - building business cases and implementing new IT technologies to boost productivity of the R&D community - reporting to C-level executives both business and R&D

Henk Coenen

Heading Cloud Center of Excellence
NXP Semiconductors

Gerrit-Jan Beerthuis

Head of Service Operations
Nederlandse Spoorwegen - NS

Hans Borgman

Professor of Information Systems and Digital Business
University of Amsterdam Business School

Joost van der Vlies

CTO & Head of Architecture

Stijn Stabel

Carrefour Belgium

Jeroen Smit

Journalist & Bestseller Author
Leadership Speaker

Jarno Duursma

Tech Expert
Leadership Speaker

Robert Overweg

Workshop Facilitator
The Adaptable Mindset

Featured Sessions

Case presentation : One Container at a Time: Deploying with Portability and Control
Removing the constraints of the notorious lock-in scenario and deploying without the fear of instability, Container-as-a-Service is meant to enable secure scalability at a high speed.

• Gaining flexibility by enabling deployment in multiple environments
• Increasing efficiency by scaling horizontally with multiple identical containers
• Fortifying security with isolated distribution

Listen in to this keynote where Jonas talks about how they are utilizing this service.
Speaker: Jonas Aspman - SKF Group
Panel discussion : Organizing for the Cloud Era: Going from Limitation to Innovation
With Cloud becoming the dominant force in IT, the question is how you set up an efficient organization working with it. Who does what and when, and how much should be outsourced to third-party providers? In this panel, you will get insights from leading Cloud experts on how they have set up their cloud team to maximize the value through Cloud-enabled capabilities
Speakers: Henk Coenen - NXP Semiconductors, Gerrit-Jan Beerthuis - Nederlandse Spoorwegen - NS, Hans Borgman - University of Amsterdam Business School
Case presentation : Edge vs Cloud – Are you Integrating it or Assimilating It?
Organizations are looking at how they can easily scale and increase the speed to market in a world that is increasingly connected and real-time data-driven. Especially, IoT produces a large amount of data that needs to be processed and analyzed so it can be used. Therefore, PostNL is trying to sort through the benefits of edge and cloud computing. What are the current developments? How to extend the cloud? How to determine if edge computing is right for your solution? Which services/applications will you run in the edge, and why?

During this session, Joost van der Vlies will share how PostNL determines how they choose between cloud and the edge.
Speaker: Joost van der Vlies - PostNL
Case presentation : Everything is Untrusted - A cloud- Based Security Model
Traditional views of network security are constantly challenged by developments in the world of hacking and with modern, cloud-based innovations. Although organizations previously felt securing the perimeter around IT infrastructure was enough, the global pandemic, technological innovations, and remote working have made this strategy outdated. Recently, Carrefour Belgium has partnered with Google Cloud to drive digital transformation across its supermarket chain, which will be based on a zero-trust security framework.

During this session, will Stijn Stabels share insights on their Cloud Journey and their road to a secured cloud framework.
Speaker: Stijn Stabel - Carrefour Belgium
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In Discussion

Reviewing Security and Data Protection and Setting a Roadmap for the Future Ahead

Unleashing Innovation and Scalability to the Utmost

Operating Model - Unravelling the Potency of the Organization

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Undertaking security challenges in a multi or hybrid cloud environment
Choosing your migration path to enable cloud portability
Managing vendors and cost optimization to drive cloud adoption
A well built cloud infrastructure for scaling innovation and agility


Anders Rahm-Nilzon
Volvo Group Connected Solutions
Henk Coenen
NXP Semiconductors
Michel Brouwers
Edwin Poot
Joost van der Vlies
Yannik Lacher
LeanIX GmbH