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February 03 - 11, 2022


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Digital maturity plays a critical role in companies’ resilience, financial results, and capability to navigate rapid change. To create long-term competitive differentiation, we need to elevate the customer experience, improve flexibility, agility, and innovation efforts across the organization.

ME’s virtual Beyond Tech Digital Innovation series is back this year in a unique interactive format. We are gathering Innovation and Transformation leaders, CDOs, CIOs, and CTOs responsible for Innovation to explore and share best practices, co-transform, and innovate. Learn more on accelerating and scaling innovation; organizing the workforce to innovate, managing innovation from idea to implementation, sustainable innovation; and updating practices to help the enterprise not just to survive but thrive by our Group Innovation Challenge!


Bas is a leading urban innovation and digitalization specialist & executive with 20 years of experience in the 'smart city' space. As per August 1, 2021, Bas serves as the (external) CDO to the City of Rotterdam. In this capacity Bas is lead orchestrator, facilitator and ambassador to the city and its innovation ecosystem. Bas also serves as Professor of Practice at the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. Bas is also Vice President EMEA of the Cities Today Institute, and also serves as Chief Innovation Officer at Change= (, a fast-growing Living as a Service company. He also serves as Member of the Board, at the Smart City Association Italy (TSCAI). Bas is the author of the well acclaimed book "A New Digital Deal". (September 2017/February 2020 (revised 2020 edition) -

Bas Boorsma

CDO & Urban Innovator
Gemeente Rotterdam

“Rick Pardoel is Chief Strategy and Information Officer at DPD Netherlands. DPDgroup is the #1 global parcel network consisting of 1000+ hubs and depots, 58.000 parcelshops, and 97.000 associates delivering over 2 billion parcels annually. Rick is an experienced senior board member having experience leading the development of one of Europe’s greenest and largest parcel sortation center with a capacity of 50.000 parcels being sorter every hour. In 2021 he won a global award for Best Innovation, from the renown Postal & Parcel International community. He believes that combining data, innovation and pragmatic deep-level knowledge of how logistics work will position DPD Netherlands towards the highest perceived values for customer quality available in the market”.

Rick Pardoel

DPD Nederland B.V.

Jeroen Fukken is Director for Strategy and Innovation at the Dutch Railways (NS). Also, he is the acting managing director for the MobilityAlliance (consisting of all mobility organizations in the Netherlands). Jeroen joined NS in 2014, leading the joint performance-improvement Programme “Better for More” (NS together with ProRail). Between 2004 and 2014 Jeroen fulfilled various Director functions at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement, as the Director for Public Transport and Rail, Director Aviation and Director RoadPricing. After finishing his study Civil Engineering at the TU Delft, Jeroen started his career at management consultancy Twynstra Gudde.

Jeroen Fukken

Director Strategy and Innovation
Nederlandse Spoorwegen - NS

Hugo Braam

CEO & Co-founder

Carolijn Schoofs

Head of Innovation
Royal Schiphol Group N.V.

Stefan van der Weide

Moderator/ Digital Executive Coach
Royal Schiphol Group N.V.

Featured Sessions

To address significant environmental and societal challenges in local contexts, organizations are innovating business models - building on and expanding beyond their core assets and capabilities, to create new sources of value and competitive advantage for their business. But how do we organize sustainable innovation, what steps to take, how to get the organization involved, test the ideas, from concept to implementation. Learn from a leading expert in the field, Bas Boorsma - CDO - Gemeente Rotterdam, how they innovate to become more sustainable, how design thinking is key pillar in sustainable innovation and how public and private must work together in order to reach goals.
Speaker: Bas Boorsma - Gemeente Rotterdam

This panel discussion will go deeper into the best practices of Nederlandse Spoorwegen, DPD Group and KPN on how they have turned the organizations into an innovation culture.
- Cultivating a true innovation culture to nurture unorthodox thinking and its application: What leadership skills are needed?
- Implementing processes and structures to replace silos and hierarchy with agility and self-management
- Getting the workforce involved in the mindset-shift and openness to new ideas and creative thinking
- Organizing the workforce to enable innovation
Speakers: Rick Pardoel - DPD Nederland B.V., Jeroen Fukken - Nederlandse Spoorwegen - NS
Leading start-ups innovate, go to market, and scale quickly with limited resources. What can large corporates learn from them? What are their best practices? The following topics will be included:
- The role of the C-Suite: What leadership capabilities are needed to ensure quick innovation and scale?
- Innovation culture: How to get the workforce involved, bring the best talent together and overcome bureaucratic hurdles or organization silos
- The task-oriented lens: Aligning innovation to the business strategy to best serve customers' needs
- Cross-departmental collaboration: join forces, strengthen interests, and set common goals to prevent imbalances
Speaker: Hugo Braam - Virtuagym
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The Scale-Up Playbook: Moving Faster and Innovating at Speed & Scale

Fostering a Culture of Innovation: Take Risks, Fail Fast and Learn Quick

Mitigate the Valley of Death: Finding the Holy Grail in Sustainable Business Model Innovation - from concept to implementation

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Let's co-create - Creating a sustainable business model that enhances customer value
Beyond pilots - The art of scaling innovation
From Idea to realization - Creating an Innovative culture while working remotely
Time to thrive, not survive - The rise of AI & machine learning in the postcrisis world


Ohad Elzur
A.S. Watson Group
Jorissa Neutelings
Mare Straetmans
Van Oord Groep N.V.
Mare Straetmans
Van Oord Groep N.V.
Sander Janssen
Stefan van der Weide
Royal Schiphol Group N.V.