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The Next Steps in your Cloud Transformation - Whether you are a Rookie or a Cloud Pioneer

The chance to exchange thoughts and ideas with your fellow business leaders might be the extra boost your organization needs. At the event, we bring together the needs of top decision makers and the offerings of solution providers, generating business opportunities for both parties.

April 28 - May 04, 2022



Wolfgang is a certified Information Security Manager and Lead Auditor. His career spans more than 20 years in IT and technology in various sectors, always driving digital transformation and operational agility. Security is one of his focus areas since the beginning of his professional career.

Wolfgang Bitomsky

Chief Information Officer
FCC Environment CEE (A.S.A.)

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Panel discussion : Organizing for the Cloud Era – From Limitation to Innovation
With Cloud becoming the dominant force in IT, the question is how you set up an efficient organization working with it. Who does what and when, and how much should be outsourced to third-party providers? In this panel, you will get insights from leading Cloud experts in different journeys on how they have set up their cloud team to maximize the value through Cloud-enabled capabilities
Speaker: Wolfgang Bitomsky - FCC Environment CEE (A.S.A.)
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Unleashing Innovation and Scalability to the Upmost

Reviewing Security and Data Protection and Setting a Roadmap for the Future Ahead

Journey of Transformation: Succesfully Migrating into the Cloud and Optimizing your Business

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Extending to the Edge: The Distributed Cloud Model
Cloud Cost Optimisation: How to Manage Cloud Cost Effectively?
Securing your cloud transformation with continuous intelligence
Driving Data Outcomes in a Hybrid Cloud World


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