Cloud Strategies

Shaping the Future of Cloud Computing: The Next Chapters of Privacy, Risk & Innovation

The chance to exchange thoughts and ideas with your fellow business leaders might be the extra boost your organization needs. At the event, we bring together the needs of top decision makers and the offerings of solution providers, generating business opportunities for both parties.

May 05 - 11, 2022


About the Event

In today's Cloud Environment, there are many emerging challenges in need of attention, but also initiatives and transformations that we should highlight. Getting carried away by new technologies, strategies and legal recommendations are easy, linking your vision and strategical goals with operational efficiency is not.

Join us at Cloud Strategies, where we will discuss the most pressing issues for Cloud Leaders, examine the future of Cloud and share actionable insight on company journeys. Take the opportunity to build connections and share innovative solutions with visionary leaders in the area and develop business relations over pre-booked virtual 1-to-1 meetings.


Johan Bojestig

Head of Architecture, IT Strategy and IT Governance
Coop Sverige AB

Kaj holds a Master of Science in Systems and Computer Science from Uppsala University. He is an experienced Senior Network Architect with a long history of working in the Internet industry. Strong information technology professional skilled in Switching, Routing, Automation, Network Design and Management. He is also founder and owner of KajTech, a company importing and selling extreme sports equipment since 2002.

Kaj Kjellgren

Senior Network Architect & Internet Exchange Expert

Deniel Kostelac is an experienced leader and architect with proven track record in defining, executing, and delivering technology roadmaps using the right architecture and design. Passionate technologist who always considers the big picture and how technology can add value to it, who enjoys working with people and to inspire them to achieve their and our common goal. The full scope of his experience includes stakeholder management and ability to understand and influence people at multiple organizational levels, developing strategies and architectures on all levels for different audiences. Deniel joined Volvo Cars 2007 as an Enterprise Architect and have been working with most lines of business with various tasks. One of the latest roles also gave him the opportunity to build and manage an organization of multiple skilled product teams using agile methodology, including frameworks like SAFe and DevOps practices for the product teams.

Deniel Kostelac

Enterprise Architect for Cloud & Infrastructure
Volvo Car Sverige AB

Johan Sporre

Vice President Cloud Services, Group IT
Ericsson AB

Henrik Bilgrav

SVP IT Operations

Karl-Fredrik Björklund

Advokat & Partner, Vice Ordförande Forum för Dataskydd
Wikström & Partners Advokatbyrå AB

Anna Everum

Head of Data Transformation
H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB

Featured Sessions

Case presentation : The Coop Case
Third-Party Vulnerability: How it all Started and The Journey Back to Business After a Global IT Attack
Speaker: Johan Bojestig - Coop Sverige AB
Keynote : Innovative Initiative
European Cloud Collaboration: Building a Hub for Independence and Self-Sufficiency of Digital Infrastructure
In today’s digitalised world, we transfer a large amount of data cross-border. GAIA-X is a project that was initiated by companies and organisations with Cloud service needs – as well as demands for an open and flexible environment for innovation based on European data legislation. The project has now established an organisation in Sweden. Tune into this presentation on the GAIA-X project and learn more about the actual business value it can bring Swedish organisiations. The presentation is given by a Kaj Kjellgren, Internet Exchange Expert, who is involved in the Gaia-X Technical Committee and their work.
Speaker: Kaj Kjellgren - Speaker
Panel discussion : Scenario Session
Exit-Strategies: Preparing a Future-Proofed Plan for Vendor Lock-Ins and Cloud Repatriation
Most of today’s organisations have application strategies, and while most are moving forward at pace, many have not converted each application in their strategy with a corresponding exit plan. This means that organisation might end up in a locked-in situation. Even if an exit strategy should not be an afterthought, but rather a part of the initial design and planning phase, many of us have migrated to the Cloud before setting a plan. With that said, how can we work with exit strategies when already in the Cloud? In this session, the leading voices of this panel will brainstorm on exit strategies for two different scenarios for organisations operating in the Cloud.
Speakers: Deniel Kostelac - Volvo Car Sverige AB, Johan Sporre - Ericsson AB, Henrik Bilgrav - Topdanmark
Keynote : Legal Update
Data Privacy Guidelines: Leading Cloud Professionals Towards Compliance
In 2021, a legal expert joined us to share a legal perspective on Cloud privacy and compliance, but what have happened in the world of data protection and regulations since then? We are still in the dark, looking for what direction to take moving forward and what we should do meet to be data compliant. Join our legal expert in this session to get and update on the Cloud landscape and insights on how we can move forward working with today’s data regulations.
Speaker: Karl-Fredrik Björklund - Wikström & Partners Advokatbyrå AB
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In Discussion

Exploring Innovative Initiatives and Real-Life Cloud Journeys

Reviewing Data Protection and Setting a Roadmap for the Future Ahead

Assessing the Risk of Security Breaches, Vendor Lock-Ins and Cloud Repatriation

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Extending to the Edge: The Distributed Cloud Model
Cloud Governance: Setting the Framework for Your Cloud Operations
Migration Between Cloud Providers: What is the Price for Functionality?
When the Unexpected Happens: Dealing with a Privacy Incident Impeding on Your Business
A Legal Perspective: Navigating the Grey Zone of Cloud Privacy and Compliance


Jonas Aspman
SKF Group
Cilla Benkö
Sveriges Radio AB
Björn Fagerstedt
Handelsbanken AB
Erik Zandboer
Dell Technologies
Frida Orring
Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten (Former Datainspektionen)
Kaveh Djavaherian