Digital Advantage

The Path to Competitive Differentiation in the Era of Digital Transformation

The chance to exchange thoughts and ideas with your fellow business leaders might be the extra boost your organization needs. At the event, we bring together the needs of top decision makers and the offerings of solution providers, generating business opportunities for both parties.

March 10 - 17, 2022


About the Event

Digital maturity plays a critical role for companies’ resilience, financial results, and capability to navigate rapid change. To create long-term competitive differentiation, we need to elevate the customer experience, leverage richer, more actionable data, and improve flexibility, agility, and innovation efforts across the organisation.

Get a head start and empower yourself with in-depth expertise from our virtual Digital Advantage event. Here, we will connect top executives and decision makers from the biggest companies in Denmark to discuss the latest trends, topics, and developments within the digital business areas. Don't miss out on the opportunity to expand your professional network and discover new market opportunities and progressive solutions that will drive your business to the next level.


Mikko is the Chief Digital Officer at FLSmidth and has a long track record in driving digital transformation in industrial companies. He has been focused in driving both change in the current business as well as implementing new software business in traditional industrial companies. Mikko is Finnish and has a Master of Science in Automation Technology from Tampere University of Technology. He is based out of Copenhagen.

Mikko Tepponen

Chief Digital Officer, Group Executive
FLSmidth A/S

Jimmi is responsible for all Danish marketing activities and projects across channels, brand profiles and digital platforms such as B2B and B2C. He is member of the Danish Management Group in Elgiganten A/S and has been with Elgiganten for almost 25 years. Elgiganten was no. 1 on IMPACT’s Omnichannel Index 2020 – a largescale analysis of the Scandinavian omnichannel landscape

Jimmi Frederiksen

CMO/CDO, Head of Brand and Digital
Elgiganten A/S

Christine has worked with business development and digital development in the insurance and pension industry for more than 20 years and holds a master degree in actuary science and a graduate diploma in business administration. In 2016 she founded Velliv’s department for Digital Development to ensure strategic focus on the development of innovative and customer oriented self-service solutions to Velliv’s more than 360.000 customers. The fast growing department now also includes an AI Center of Excellence and an Innovation Lab.

Christine Loft Hunderup

Chief Digital Officer
Velliv A/S

Anja Løwer Frem

Head of AI Center of Exellence
Velliv A/S

Klavs Hjort

SVP, Growth & Impact
Danske Bank A/S

Vivek Menon

Senior Director, Head of eSteering Business Unit
Danfoss Power Solutions Aps

Anne Fleischer

LEO Innovation Lab

Christian Agger

Country Head of Digital, Experience & Analytics
Telia Danmark

Kim Bagdonas Jørgensen

Nordic Head of Digital, Media & CRM
McDonald's Nordic

Featured Sessions

Keynote : Driving Sustainable Development Through Digital Transformation And Customer Co-Creation
A successful digital transformation can lead to increased productivity and employee satisfaction, cost reductions and enhanced customer experience, but other long-term benefits might follow if they are embedded at the core of the strategy. According to Mikko Tepponen, Chief Digital Officer, Group Executive of FLSmidth, digitalisation and sustainability go hand in hand. In this keynote, Mikko will give insights into his work with FLSmidth’s ambitious MissionZero strategy that aims to enable customers to produce cement and process minerals with zero environmental impact. How? By accelerating the company’s development and use of technology in co-creation with the customers. Mikko will also highlight the challenges and learnings after two years at the digital steering wheel and share his vision for the future of a company with more than 135 years of engineering and innovation legacy.
Speaker: Mikko Tepponen - FLSmidth A/S
Case presentation : Next Generation Omnichannel: Using Customer Journey Insights As The North Star
Consumer behaviour has fundamentally changed with heightened expectations to customer experience. It’s time for both B2B and B2C companies to rethink their digital touchpoints and omnichannel strategy. According to Jimmi Frederiksen, CMO/CDO of Elgiganten, data consolidation and a seamless customer journey are key pillars in reaching that goal. In this keynote, Jimmi will share some of the strategic initiatives and hands-on learnings that has given the consumer electronics retailer the omnichannel royalty status it has today.
Speaker: Jimmi Frederiksen - Elgiganten A/S
Campfire : Moving From AI Strategy to Execution and Value Creation
Artificial Intelligence is recognised as one of the main enablers of digital transformation in multiple industries as the technology can assist organisations in becoming more productive, competitive, and adaptive than ever before. However, without the right data quality, skills, clear objectives and system flexibility in place, AI projects often end up as costly time consumers with no ROI. In this strategy session interview, CDO Christine Loft Hunderup and Anja Løwer Frem, Head of AI Center of Excellence, will share insights and learnings from Velliv’s ongoing AI journey from strategy to value creation, their organizational setup and vision for the future of the pension industry, using machine learning and robotics.
Speakers: Christine Loft Hunderup - Velliv A/S, Anja Løwer Frem - Velliv A/S
Panel discussion : Take the Risk, Fail Fast, and Learn
Enabling a True Digital Culture In Your Organisation
No matter the industry, one of the biggest barriers to digital transformation is organisational culture. One of the ways to succeed is by encouraging risk taking and empowering failure as it can lead to learnings that in turn breeds innovation. In this interactive panel, leading digital transformation experts will discuss what we can learn from the start-up community on work- and decision-making processes, shed light on how they’ve implemented some of these practices in their own organisations and how they’ve benefited from working with start-ups. They will also discuss the challenges and pitfalls that big corporates often face in search of organisational agility.
Speakers: Klavs Hjort - Danske Bank A/S, Vivek Menon - Danfoss Power Solutions Aps, Anne Fleischer - LEO Innovation Lab
Case presentation : Converting First Party Customer Data Into Actionable Insights
With the depreciation of 3rd party cookies, it has never been more important that companies worldwide activate their valuable 1st party data – and that is exactly what McDonald’s Nordic has been working towards the last couple of years. In the pursuit of activating customers to use offers and targeting high profit customers, McDonald’s and their econometric modelling partner has built a platform on top of their sales systems, CRM platform and data from public databases to enrich prediction scores. In this presentation, Kim Bagdonas Jørgensen, Nordic Head of Digital, Media & CRM will shed light on how they have built their setup, share the initial results and their vision for the future of data activation.
Speaker: Kim Bagdonas Jørgensen - McDonald's Nordic
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