Digital Transformation

Digital at the heart of the strategy: Data-driven, Agile, Customer-Centric and Future-proof

June 02 - 10, 2022


About the Event

In a changing world moving toward the Next Normal, digital transformation itself is changing, bringing in a new chapter where organizations and their CxOs are reprioritizing their agendas. The challenge is clear. Winning in the next normal means focusing on addressing new customer requirements, developing new capabilities, and building digital infrastructures that support resilient operations and pervasive experiences in the new digital economy.

ME'S Digital Transformation platform is back, but that’s not all this time. Since we will go big! This year’s event will be part of a bigger happening: ME Executive Day. Here we will gather four target groups under one roof. Next to gathering transformation leaders and CxO's responsible for Digital Transformation, we will also welcome other IT end responsibility on Cloud and Tech. Together we’ll explore best practices, share learnings, and co-transform. Join us at this upcoming networking event filled with insights related to the evolution of the CxO, C-suite collaboration, driving digitalization, cultural change management, and data and customer experience. Gain insights and share experiences with C-suites and top executives through inspiring keynotes, discussions, and virtual 1-to1 networking sessions. Showcase your Solutions and Expertise in pre-matched 1-to-1 meetings with strategic decision-makers in the Netherlands to establish long-term business partnerships.


Aart Rupert

Damen Shipyards Group N.V.

Hellen van der Plas

CEO Benelux

Ruth McGill

ING Group

Celeste Wilderom

Prof. Change Management & Organizational Behaviour
Universiteit Twente

Manyana Schmitz

Senior Director Digital Optimization & Transformation
PVH Europe

Bas Boorsma

CDO & Urban Innovator
Gemeente Rotterdam

Bas Van de Bunt

Nederlandse Loterij

Ronald den Elzen

Chief Digital & Technology Officer

Featured Sessions

CxO's discussing and sharing insights on their digital transformation strategies and capabilities. Which steps to take? How to align the internal different strategies? What expertise is needed? How to keep up with pace in an every-changing environment? Lessons learned, do's and don'ts and best practices on:
- Implementing and aligning the business strategy and digital strategy in an ever-changing environment: balancing digital business goals and resources
- Leadership skills: defining the capabilities needed to thrive AND accelerate digital transformation
- Breaking down communication silos: aligning expectations and ensuring collaboration across boundaries
- Digital Transformation vs. Business Transformation vs. Agile Transformation: What will the future hold for us
Speakers: Aart Rupert - Damen Shipyards Group N.V., Hellen van der Plas - Signify
In this fireside chat we will welcome Manyana Schmitz from PVH Corp, Ruth McGill from ING and Celeste Wilderom, Professor Change Management and Organizational Behaviour, to discuss the importance of getting people & culture elements of digital transformation right and the challenges that organizations face to creating cultures that allow for effective change within in a hybrid world on. Learn more on:
- A Flexible and Agile working culture: Learning how culture change must be linked to business objectives and new working practices post-pandemic
- A Clear vision: Training employees about the purpose and technical skills needed
- University Collaboration: Attracting and retaining the required talent
- The Generation Gap: Finding connection and alignment between different generations, from baby-boomers to Gen Z
Speakers: Ruth McGill - ING Group, Celeste Wilderom - Universiteit Twente, Manyana Schmitz - PVH Europe
Keynote : Sustainability more than just a Trend: A Catalyst in a Digital Environment
The rapid digitalization catalyzed by the pandemic, presents the opportunity to rethink how we make decisions and how we apply technology in new and meaningful ways. Immense opportunities exist for enterprises that can capture the value of data to drive more sustainable solutions. Achieving greater sustainability goals will make you stronger, more resilient, and quicker to adapt. Sustainability: an umbrella term that is all too often being used as a marketing ploy: a fancy CSR report meant to embellish a company’s profile. Yet it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to big data, AI, and other technologies, we can now gain a full overview of our value chains and transform those insights into meaningful sustainable actions. Bas Boorsma will take you on his journey through using data and digital technologies to reach sustainability in the road to digital transformation within Municipality Rotterdam. Do’s don’ts, best-practices.
Speaker: Bas Boorsma - Gemeente Rotterdam
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The Board Room Cheat Sheet: The role of the CxO in Digital Transformation

People, Culture and Tech | Where the Rubber hits the Road

The Data-first, Customer-driven Approach | Using AI-enabled Technology to Thrive

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Andrew Hall
Michael Guntenaar
Hans van 't Riet
Royal Philips
Edita Mujović
Alexander Zwart
Daniel Post