600Minutes Executive IT

The Adaptable IT Leader in Advancing the Automated Organisation

The chance to exchange thoughts and ideas with your fellow business leaders might be the extra boost your organization needs. At the event, we bring together the needs of top decision makers and the offerings of solution providers, generating business opportunities for both parties.

March 17 - 25, 2022


About the Event

IT has become the engine powering the organisation, propelling product development, employer- and customer experience. And just as any engine, it needs to be well maintained and up to date. Your responsibility has grown, and the importance of IT is at an all-time high. Ready or not, your task is essential for the future of your organisation, essential for securing business growth and continuity.

Join us at 600Minutes Executive IT, where we will discuss the most pressing issues for IT Leaders. Take part in interactive sessions, 1-2-1 meetings to discuss and showcase your products with leading IT experts.


JP Iversen

Group CIO
Electrolux AB

Experienced IT leader with 20+ years of experience from large companies in the engineering industry like Scania & Sandvik. Started in SEB in 2017 as Head of Infrastructure and since 2018 Head of Group Technology and member of the Group Executive Committee. Petra is passionate and engaging leader with strong customer and efficiency focus and with the ability to release the collective knowledge of all colleagues. Petra’s leadership is characterized by her positive attitude, firm leadership, equality focus and embracing challenges as a team. First impressions of Petra is probably high rating in leadership and transformation but years of training in various executive management roles have given Petra a solid business acumen.

Petra Ålund

Head of Group Technology
SEB - Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB

Fredrik Ohlsson is the Vice President for Information Technology at Northvolt. Fredrik has more than 20 years experience of business transformations with global reach. As the former Head of Enterprise Architecture for the Tetra Pak group he was one of the initial forces behind Tetra Pak’s global digital transformation programme. He is today leading the build up of the Information Technology for Northvolt, an industrial scale up with the mission to develop the world’s greenest battery cell and establish Europe’s largest battery factories.

Fredrik Ohlsson

Vice President IT

Peder Sjölander


Navid Modiri

Speaker, Podcaster and Author

Leif Denti

Ph. Lic in Innovation Psychology
Göteborgs universitet

Stig Geer Pedersen

Machine Learning CoE

Martin Stampe

Chief Data and Analytics Technology Officer
Danske Bank A/S

André Catry

Senior Advisor IT-/information security and cyber risk, author
Kahn Pederson Lawyer Firm

Maddy Savage

Journalist & Moderator
Maddy Savage Media

Featured Sessions

Panel discussion : Pursuing the Next Generation IT Organisation
Recent years have showcased the need for IT to become customer-centric, faster paced and focus delivery of IT services on customer demand. But what does this look like, and how would you go about it? In this engaging panel, our experts will discuss the future IT organisation, what will be important and what to watch out for. • Enabling your employees by developing their capabilities • Increasing focus on experience for internal and external customers • Making use of the continued advancement of technology
Speakers: JP Iversen - Electrolux AB, Petra Ålund - SEB - Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, Fredrik Ohlsson - Northvolt
Keynote : Breaking Down the Silos: Driving an Agile IT Transformation
The path to agility has been highly sought by IT leaders for some time. Being able to become more flexible and increase the speed-to-market are some of the valued attributes of an agile organisation. As the engine of the company, driving the internal transformation as well as enabling other functions, you as an IT leader need to ensure your organisations speed and delivery. Listen in to this enthralling case-study, where our expert will walk you through their journey on driving an agile IT transformation.
Speaker: Peder Sjölander - Skatteverket
Keynote : From Chess Champion to Business ROI: Scalable Deployment of AI
In 1997, Deep Blue showed the world that AI can outperform humans by winning against the current world champion in chess. More than 20 years later, IT leaders are at the forefront capitalising on the technology to bring value to their organisations. Join this thrilling case-study, where our expert will showcase how AI has brought their company ROI.
Speaker: Stig Geer Pedersen - Topdanmark
Keynote : Formulating an Effective Data Strategy: Value-Driven Decision Making
The immense value of data has hardly got unnoticed by organisations, who are actively collecting data in order to make smarter decisions. But without a strategy in place, a plan for making use of it you as a leader will fall short. In this exciting case-study, our expert will guide you through how they set-up a state-of-the-art data-driven organisation and leveraged on it to sustain growth.
Speaker: Martin Stampe - Danske Bank A/S
Event Themes

In Discussion

Formulating an Effective Data Strategy: Value-Driven Decision Making

From Chess Champion to Business ROI: Scalable Deployment of AI

Pursuing the Next Generation IT Organisation

Breaking Down the Silos: Driving an Agile IT Transformation

The Growing Threat of Cyber Attacks: Who, Where and When?

Spotlight Videos


GTT Communications Inc
IBM Svenska AB
Huawei Technologies Sweden AB


Leadership and change: embedding a culture and mindset that promotes the agility required to support digital transformations
CYBER SECURITY IN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION - The never-ending attack surface: Shadow It is Darker than ever
The CIO Game Plan 2021: Identifying your BUSINESS-CRITICAL areas to ensure business continuity
The modern IT Infrastructure - Gaining agility and speed with cloud - how to become a fully connected organization
RESET AND RESHAPE YOUR FUTURE BUSINESS STRATEGY -Creating an adaptable architecture and digital first business


Mats Hultin
Louise Gunsjö
IBM Sweden
Vahid Zohali
IBM Sweden
Anne-Christine Lane
Teemu Salmi
Stora Enso Oyj
Magnus Carling
Stena AB