600Minutes Executive IT


December 01, 2021


About the Event

Digital maturity and ability to adapt has been crucial for the IT function; causing CIOs to be in the spotlight. In many cases, CIOs has been responsible in rescuing their companies and driving the necessary transformations to stay above the water.

Join us at the 600Minutes Executive IT as this year we will focus on practical and transparent journeys that can inspire and guide towards technical challenges faced by CIOs within the domains of cloud and data. How these capabilities can be even further leveraged by emerging technology that can enable automation, efficiency and drive innovation - will be further discussed by industry experts and peers this December.

Why Attend

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Åshild Hanne Larsen

Head of Subsurface Excellence and Digital

Geir Arild Engh-Hellesvik

Vygruppen AS

Jan Sandtrø

Teknologiadvokat | sandtro.no
Advokat Jan Sandtrø AS

Nicolai Høge

Engineering Director/CTO
FINN.no – mulighetenes marked

Monica Verma


Øyvind Indrebø

Head of Machine Learning and AI
Fremtind Forsikring AS

Håkon Alstad

IT Director

Stein Ove Røv

Department Manager Digitek Platform Services
Skagerak Energi AS Konsern

Arnstein Teigene

Head of Product
Documaster AS

Featured Sessions

Parallel : Documentation made simple
Gain control of your critical business documentation
Many companies have their business-critical documentation spread across different systems and struggle to find the right documents when needed. Arnstein Teigene will tell you how Documaster has developed a brand-new solution to help you solve this. His team has had one single focus; Reduce complexity. He will tell you why we believe simplicity is a key factor to success and how we have helped clients like Telia, Knutsen Shipping and others to get control of their documentation across CRM-, ERP- and HR-systems, as well as numerous folder structures.
Speaker: Arnstein Teigene - Documaster AS
Event Themes

In Discussion

From migration to innovation - a value driven cloud journey

The people strategy - culture and talent in a high-pace and uncertain world

The growing Cyber threat - it´s not about "if" it´s about "when"

Compliance interpretation and adaptation - where are we now and whats next?

Building a data driven organization - taking the leap from data to wisdom and automation

Event Partners

Solution Providers

Spotlight Videos


CISCO Umbrella
Dustin AS
Thales (EMEA/UK)


Cyber Security - organizational evolution, framework and technology
Innovation during forced digital transformation
Change management in the eye of the storm
Agility beyond IT department - bold steps towards organization-wide deployment
Cloud and AI - the strategy and infrastructure for sustainable development


Daniel Engberg
Nathan Howe
Jan Hansteen Solhøy
Tore Larsen Orderløkken
Posten Norge AS
Simen Lund
Wilhelmsen Ships Service AS (M#53321)
Thomas Vikanes
Telenor ASA