600Minutes Executive IT


November 25 - December 02, 2021


About the Event

Digital maturity and ability to adapt has been crucial for the IT function; causing CIOs to be in the spotlight. In many cases, CIOs has been responsible in rescuing their companies and driving the necessary transformations to stay above the water.

Join us at the 600Minutes Executive IT as this year we will focus on practical and transparent journeys that can inspire and guide towards technical challenges faced by CIOs within the domains of cloud and data. How these capabilities can be even further leveraged by emerging technology that can enable automation, efficiency and drive innovation - will be further discussed by industry experts and peers this December.


Åshild Hanne Larsen is Equinor’s CIO and SVP of its Corporate IT function. Her current focus is on creating business value from IT and supporting Equinor’s journey towards a broad energy company– using IT as a key enabler in improving operational efficiency and transforming the industry. Ms Larsen started her career with Equinor in 1993 and has broad experience both from professional and executive roles primarily within HR and IT, including leadership of corporate projects and large-scale organisational change efforts. She holds a specialist MBA from Heriot Watt University in the UK, as well as a Master of Arts degree from Universität Bielefeld in Germany. She serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees at the International School of Stavanger. Ms. Larsen was named PetroLady of the year 2017, is a Nordic CIO of the year 2018 nominee and a CIO of the Year Europe 2019 award winner. She won the Leader of the Year award 2019 at Norway’s SHE conference, Europe’s largest gender equality conference and was also named one of Norway’s 50 leading Women in Technology 2019.

Åshild Hanne Larsen

Head of Subsurface Excellence and Digital

Håkon Alstad has been NTNU IT Division’s CIO since 2013, with more than 35 years of experience in the field. He has a Cand.Mag Degree from NTNU in informatics, mathematics and geography. Alstad is a visible and respected person within IT in the Education sector in Norway and is an advocate for developing and using digital working methods for both employees and students. He also has a special focus on cyber security, and he has built up the largest environment within operational Cyber Security in the University sector in Norway. Alstad is a strategic leader who is constantly trying to renew and streamline and has an open and inclusive work environment. Apart from work, Alstad also finds IT a hobby, with a special interest in Apple products. He has also been interested in motorcycles all his life and enjoys riding his Ducati.

Håkon Alstad

IT Director

Monica Verma is a cybersecurity professional with more than 13 years of experience and 2019 Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPA) winner for Best Security Advisor. She is a strong advocate for more women and young professionals in the field of technology and particularly cybersecurity. She herself got interested in technology at the age of 10 when she was invited to see the inside of a cockpit for the first time. She was driven and started her career as a developer and an ethical hacker. Today she works as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in the financial sector, sits on the board of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Norway and the steering committee of Women in Cybersecurity Norway. She a professional speaker and talks about various topics in cybersecurity and cyber risk management at conferences, webinars and on podcasts. She speaks 5 languages, excluding programming. She has been doing yoga since she was a kid. She likes spending her private time on blogs, advocacy for more women in tech and security industry, gastronomy and fitness.

Monica Verma


Stein Ove Røv

Department Manager Digitek Platform Services
Skagerak Energi AS

Geir Arild Engh-Hellesvik

Vygruppen AS

Jan Sandtrø

Teknologiadvokat | sandtro.no
Advokat Jan Sandtrø AS

Nicolai Høge

Engineering Director/CTO
FINN.no – mulighetenes marked

Øyvind Indrebø

Head of Machine Learning and AI
Fremtind Forsikring AS

Arnstein Teigene

Head of Product
Documaster AS

Simen Bakke

Senior Information Security Advisor
Politiets IKT-tjenester

Featured Sessions

Panel discussion : The people strategy -culture and talent in a high-pace and uncertain world
Creating a great place to work what are the secret ingredients?
In this panel discussion we will take a closer look at the critical factors for organizational capabilities to thrive in the future. We will tap into the corner stones of high performing teams, the importance of diversity and inclusion, risk awareness and the work from home dilemma. -WFH impact your organization in 21 and beyond is it a blessing or a curse? -What is the current talent outlook and how do you ensure that you are an attractive employer? -How do you cultivate a culture that embraces innovation and security awareness?
Speakers: Åshild Hanne Larsen - Equinor, Håkon Alstad - NTNU, Monica Verma - Helsedirektoratet, Stein Ove Røv - Skagerak Energi AS
Panel discussion : Compliance interpretation and adaptation where are we now and what's next?
During this dynamic dialogue you will be able to ask the expert questions across the vast and complex landscape of compliance . The dialogue will represent both sides of the aisle in order to address and elaborate on the topic to the full extent.
Speakers: Geir Arild Engh-Hellesvik - Vygruppen AS, Jan Sandtrø - Advokat Jan Sandtrø AS
Keynote : Laying the foundations for increased innovation speed by migrating to the cloud
Innovation speed is key to successful business endeavors what are the essential foundations to enable innovation speed within a mature organization?
Nicolai will tell you about how they migrated to GCP and renewed the technical platform keeping their existing business going at full steam while opening for unlimited experiments and innovations to capture new markets and respond to new opportunities at the same time.
Speaker: Nicolai Høge - FINN.no – mulighetenes marked
Case presentation : Building a data driven organization
Taking the leap from data to wisdom and automation
Data can only become the "new gold" if it does deliver true business value. In this presentation you will get insights in how to become data driven as well as a case on how innovation and automation is manifested in data driven decision making.
Speaker: Øyvind Indrebø - Fremtind Forsikring AS
Parallel : Documentation made simple
Gain control of your critical business documentation
Many companies have their business-critical documentation spread across different systems and struggle to find the right documents when needed. Arnstein Teigene will tell you how Documaster has developed a brand-new solution to help you solve this. His team has had one single focus; Reduce complexity. He will tell you why we believe simplicity is a key factor to success and how we have helped clients like Telia, Knutsen Shipping and others to get control of their documentation across CRM-, ERP- and HR-systems, as well as numerous folder structures.
Speaker: Arnstein Teigene - Documaster AS
Event Themes

In Discussion

From migration to innovation - a value driven cloud journey

The people strategy - culture and talent in a high-pace and uncertain world

Compliance interpretation and adaptation - where are we now and whats next?

Building a data driven organization - taking the leap from data to wisdom and automation

Understanding your context in the big picture - risk-based approach to cyber security

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Cyber Security - organizational evolution, framework and technology
Innovation during forced digital transformation
Change management in the eye of the storm
Agility beyond IT department - bold steps towards organization-wide deployment
Cloud and AI - the strategy and infrastructure for sustainable development


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