600Minutes Executive IT

The role of the CIO is changing - it is all about the ability to work in partnerships but at the same time lead the business forward with the use of IT and technology

October 21 - 29, 2021


About the Event

As our organisations are recouping from the COVID crises, IT and Digital Transformation has gained some spots on the board agenda. The IT department has become a business enablement investing in several different digital initiatives over the last year.

Join us at the upcoming 600Minutes Executive IT as we once again connect IT leaders and decision makers virtually to discuss and debate on the game plan for CIOs in 2021/2022. Explore insights from leading experts during the sit down with the expert sessions, round table discussions, interactive business cases and leadership workshops. Don't miss our 1-to-1 virtual sessions to showcase your products and solution with leading decision makers this October 2021!


Guido Lemeire

CIO | Datanews CIO of the year 2020

Xavier Van Moen

KPMG Belgium

Henri Vanroelen

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Bjorn van Reet

Kinepolis Group NV

Stijn Stabel

Carrefour Belgium

Robert Overweg

Workshop Facilitator
The Adaptable Mindset

Antonio Sánchez Albares

Project Manager Team Lead
European Commision

Sophie Marchal

CIO & Member of Management Committee
AXA Belgium

Stijn Raemdonck

Senior IT Business Partner
Danone Belgium

Karolien Vanhuffel

Information Security Officer, Europe, Middle East and Africa
BD - Becton Dickinson

Featured Sessions

Panel discussion : Investing in personal development: The CIO Skillset of the future!
The role of the CIO is changing in a rapid space. Due to the COVID-19 crises, our skill set has been put to the test. This has forced us to develop professionally as well as personally. Skills such as agile leadership, strategic mindset and business enablement have all crossed our career paths. During this panel, we will sit down with 3 experts who have all experienced the road to the new skillset differently.
Speakers: Xavier Van Moen - KPMG Belgium, Henri Vanroelen - Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Bjorn van Reet - Kinepolis Group NV
Keynote : Do's and Don'ts | Carrefours journey to adopt a cloud first strategy
The cloud has a proven track record of being beneficial for the mobility and agility of our organizations. During this business case study, Stijn will give you some more insights into how Carrefour has adapted to the cloud-first strategy in an immensely rapid phase. What were the objections they have overcome? And why were they so eager to move from an entirely on-premise to a total cloud operating organisation. Including topics such as: - Cost and Benefits; - Risks and Security - Strategy and Vendor management.
Speaker: Stijn Stabel - Carrefour Belgium
Leadership presentation : The Adaptable Mindset: How to cultivate openness to new ideas
Do you know that feeling, when you introduce a new idea, a new tool, or a new way of working..., and the only thing you get is a lot of resistance? You have tried many things to get people to be more open and willing to change, but nothing seems to work. There are a lot of things that can hold people back. In this session, we will investigate proven ways to cultivate an openness to new ideas. What prerequisites you can put into place. To create more open, fluid, and adaptable people, teams, and organizations.
Speaker: Robert Overweg - The Adaptable Mindset
Campfire : Lighting Session | The digitalization brainstorm
The lightning session will be initiating a number of different break-out discussions. During this session, the speakers will introduce 4 topics with the help of a 6 minutes Pechakucha presentation. The big question is which topic or topics catch your attention and why? Join our speakers to cover the topics: cloud mobility, it agility and cyber awareness and have a discussion about the most appealing topics together with your peers and the speaker. Karolien Vanhuffel - Organizing cyber security as a part of culture and way of working | Employee awareness Sophie Marchal - Stijn Raemdonck - Antonio Sánchez Albares -
Speakers: Antonio Sánchez Albares - European Commision, Sophie Marchal - AXA Belgium, Stijn Raemdonck - Danone Belgium, Karolien Vanhuffel - BD - Becton Dickinson
Event Themes

In Discussion

Creating business ecosystems for a successful implementation of our digital roadmap | innovation and legacy modernisation

Embracing a cloud first strategy for our digital platforms to enhance mobility and agility

Recognizing and understanding the new era IT-Decision making hard - softskills | agile leadership, strategic mindset, and business enablement

Building a realistic data strategy | data governance, analytics strategy, security implications and data ethics

Adapting to the cyber threats of the future | Secure digital work placement, Endpoint security and employee awareness

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SAP Concur
Workday B.V.
Tanium (Netherlands)


The IT Decisionmaker as a key driver in the new digital era
Proactive versus reactive IT: what role does your company take on with market changes?
A haystack of needles: finding, connecting and leveraging relevant data
Cyber Security 2025: What will we face?
Emerging technologies: having the right focus and relevance


Raymond Hüner
Ronald Pool
CrowdStrike UK Ltd.
Prajit Datta
ÅF Pöyry
Miguel Pieters
Darktrace Limited
Wouter Depoortere
Colruyt Group
Miao Song
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