600Minutes Executive Finance

Beyond Finance: Digitalisation, Leadership & Sustainability

May 19, 2022


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Overcoming, adapting, and staying one step ahead has become finance leaders' daily routine. More so in these disruptive times where change is as necessary finance leaders need to be more decisive than ever. The role of a finance leader is no longer limited to just within finance, but it's beyond - fast-tracking digitalization, forging a path to a sustainable future, and deciding over the workplace of tomorrow.

Join 600MINUTES EXECUTIVE FINANCE, where top-tier finance industry stakeholders share best practices and disruptive strategies. The agenda will feature discussions about the critical reflections on the path to digitalization, the role of finance in sustainability, and insightful keynotes on how to create the workplace of the future. Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your products and solutions to leading financial leaders from top 500 companies in our exclusive 1-to-1 meetings.


Jorge Cendales

Managing Partner Switzerland
HumanSpirit GmbH

Tania is a passionate leader and has extensive experience in finance in international listed companies. She joined Tecan, a listed MedTech company, in February 2020 as the Group CFO. From 2010 – 2020, Tania held various roles in finance at Sulzer AG, her last role being Chief Risk Officer and Internal Audit Head. Amongst other she was responsible for finances at divisional level. Before joining Sulzer, Tania held various financial positions at Monsanto, Gate Group and General Mills in Switzerland, the UK, Australia, Poland and Russia.

Tania Micki

Group CFO
Tecan Trading AG

Dr. Anina Christina Hille

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Jochen Bohner

Head Global Commercial Finance
Astellas Pharma Inc.

Romana Giesen

Head of Taxes
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

Featured Sessions

Keynote : Recalibrating Requirements in Finance: The Workplace and Employees of the Future
Working from home or the office? How will offices look like, where can employees flourish best and what are their new requirements? Speaking of requirements, what can we expect from the new generation of employees in finance, with digital skills being needed? Flexibility and hybridity prove to be the key in these matters and leaders in finance are the ones enabling it. Get insights from a Human Resources perspective to learn about what the past few months of being back in the office have changed and how the future of workplaces and workforce might look like.
Speaker: Jorge Cendales - HumanSpirit GmbH
Keynote : Sustainable Finance: Between Being and Investing Green
When speaking of sustainability, there is no way around ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance. These three values are being incorporated by companies and their own set of values, missions and visions. ESG doesn't just serve as a directive, it is also being used as a mean of rating companies, which influences investors. This circle of investing and being green is a topic of growing importance and significance in the world of finance. This session will explore the aspects of becoming, being and investing green as well as the ever growing importance and impact of sustainable finance.
Speaker: Dr. Anina Christina Hille - Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Keynote : Putting a Price Tag on Sustainability: Measuring Impacts
Sustainability is a topic of ever-growing importance in any part of our lives. Steps towards a company's more sustainable future can vary in significance and cost intensity: be it by reducing paper usage or generating energy with solar panels. As important as looking after our planet is, becoming green should still be affordable and measurable - this is where you step in, since it always is and should be a matter of costs. With a topic of such impact, drawing the line between affordability and global importance might pose a challenge. Jochen Bohner from Astellas Pharma will share his insights on the role of finance in the matter of sustainability.
Speaker: Jochen Bohner - Astellas Pharma Inc.
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Wrapping up Digitalisation: Has it Paid Off?

The Finance Workforce: Are You Enabling Hybridity?

Sustainability in Finance: Are You Keeping it Affordable and Green?

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Raphael Röpke
Alteryx GmbH
Nicolas Szewe
Lombard Odier Investment Managers
Guy Semmens
Gyrus Capital S.A.
Jean-Romain Falconnet
Galderma SA
Axel Paeger
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