600Minutes Future IT

MSE Insights: Leveraging Best Practices on Digital Transformation, Cloud and IT

June 02 - 10, 2022


About the Event

Organizations have been facing revolutionary digital trends, due to rapid and forced digital transformation. Optimize growth within your medium-sized business through IT development. Ready or not, your task is essential for the future of your organization, essential for securing business growth and continuity.

Join us at the 600Minutes Future IT and discuss the most challenging IT trends and developments with IT decision-makers from SMBs. But, this year’s event will be part of a bigger happening: ME Executive Day. Here we will gather multiple IT target groups under one roof. Next to gathering medium-sized IT leaders, we will also welcome other IT end responsibilities on Tech, Digital and Cloud. Together we’ll connect and discuss the latest trends, developments, and strategic initiatives within digital transformation, data strategy, cloud integration, and cyber security.


Ik ben een toegewijde en gepassioneerde leider met meer dan 20 jaar ervaring in het bouwen en managen van sterke teams en organisaties. Mijn ervaring en persoonlijke interesse liggen op het vlak van organisatieontwikkeling, (digitale) transformatie en organisaties en hun mensen sterker en succesvoller maken. Ik stippel graag samen met teamleden een visie uit en weet deze om te zetten in operationele plannen. Door de diversiteit in mijn werkervaring heb ik een brede expertise opgedaan op het gebied van leiderschap, management en bestuursmodellen. Klantgerichtheid, medewerkersbetrokkenheid, stakeholdermanagement en vernieuwing zijn voor mij belangrijke factoren om mijn doelen te bereiken. Ik heb een inspirerende, verbindende en motiverende leiderschapsstijl en verlies de bedrijfsresultaten nooit uit het oog.

Brenda van Leeuwen

Chief Digital Officer
Sunweb Vakanties

Rob Hendriks

Head of IT

Ronald den Elzen

Chief Digital & Technology Officer

Manyana Schmitz

Senior Director Digital Optimization & Transformation
PVH Europe

Bas Boorsma

CDO & Urban Innovator
Gemeente Rotterdam

Joost van der Vlies

CTO & Head of Architecture

Charles Mander


Marjolein Slappendel


Jeroen Smit

Journalist & Bestseller Author
Leadership Speaker

Featured Sessions

Case presentation : Customer at Heart: From a Traditional Travel Agency towards a Digital Service Agency towards a Digital Holiday Expert
Digitalization offers enormous opportunities to work smarter and create more value. To continue to meet the increasing expectations of customers and employees, lagging behind is not an option. That is why, like many other companies, Sunweb Group is making significant changes to their strategy, business model, and business processes, and are also investing more in digital transformation than the year before.

Get insights and learn more on how Subweb Group made the transition towards a refreshed view on Tour Operating and how they used data to accomplish this.

• Strategy behind the transformation: How, why, and where did Sunweb Group start the transition?
• Change Management: How to create organizational alignment to drive business model innovation
• Customer Experience: How Sunweb Group uses data and BI to improve CX
Speaker: Brenda van Leeuwen - Sunweb Vakanties
Case presentation : Reconstructing and Expanding Masterpiece 'De Nachtwacht' with AI
Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence Rijksmuseum was able to recapture some of Rembrandt's pieces, including the missing parts.

• How did you use AI to visualize the missing parts, and where did you start?
• How did you determine the right data set?
• Which challenges did you face and how to overcome them?
Speaker: Rob Hendriks - Rijksmuseum
Keynote : The Board Room Cheat Sheet: The role of the CxO in Digital Transformation
Digital transformation has become a necessity in the present scenario for organizations to climb the charts of success. And with every disruptive change a leader is needed, who has the capability, tactical expertise, and vision to successfully row the boat of transformation to the other side. However, having so many strategic minds might be indispensable to achieve the level of change that digital transformation demands. But who should lead them all? More than the nomenclature, it is essential to have clarity in the vision and goals. Digital transformation needs to be all-encompassing.

• Implementing and aligning the business strategy and digital strategy in an ever-changing environment: balancing digital business goals and resources
• Leadership skills: defining the capabilities needed to thrive AND accelerate digital transformation
• Breaking down communication silos: aligning expectations and ensuring collaboration across boundaries
• Digital Transformation vs. Business Transformation vs. Agile Transformation: What will the future hold for us
Speaker: Ronald den Elzen - HEINEKEN
Keynote : Sustainability more than just a Trend: A Catalyst in a Digital Environment
The rapid digitalization catalyzed by the pandemic, presents the opportunity to rethink how we make decisions and how we apply technology in new and meaningful ways. Immense opportunities exist for enterprises that can capture the value of data to drive more sustainable solutions. Achieving greater sustainability goals will make you stronger, more resilient, and quicker to adapt. Sustainability: an umbrella term that is all too often being used as a marketing ploy: a fancy CSR report meant to embellish a company’s profile. Yet it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to big data, AI, and other technologies, we can now gain a full overview of our value chains and transform those insights into meaningful sustainable actions. Bas Boorsma will take you on his journey through using data and digital technologies to reach sustainability in the road to digital transformation within Municipality Rotterdam. Do’s don’ts, best-practices.
Speaker: Bas Boorsma - Gemeente Rotterdam
Case presentation : Edge Computing - Discerning Fact from Fiction
Currently, Post.nl is using IoT in combination with edge computing to further improve the internal and the customer journey. But how effective is it? Are these changes necessary? Is creating the technology really enough?
Speaker: Joost van der Vlies - PostNL

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The IT department of the near future - Responding to the rapid rise of automation and digital workplace transformation
Extract your data the right way - Transitioning from raw data to insight and action
The eye of the storm - Preparing for the next Cyber Security Incident
Reinvent your business model – Embracing digital transformation to survive ‘the new normal’
Cooperation between IT and the Business - The essential soft skills for management


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