600Minutes Executive Finance

Future Finance Function: Driving Change and Accelerating Innovation while Achieving Resource Optimisation

October 29 - November 04, 2021


About the Event

While the role of CFOs and finance leaders has undergone a major shift last year, immediate adoption to digitalization and automation is needed more than ever to protect customers, suppliers, and employees in the future.

Join us at the upcoming 600Minutes Executive Finance networking event filled with insights related to the evolution of the CFO, resilience, digitalization, and scenario planning. Gain insights and share experiences with C-suites, top finance executives and strategic decision makers in the Netherlands through inspiring keynotes, discussions, and virtual 1-to-1 networking sessions.


Lodewijk Lockefeer (52) is CFO of the Royal Zeelandia Group (since 2019). Before that, he worked for 17 years for Heineken, in Indonesia, Italy and in the Netherlands. Earlier he worked for KPN Qwest and Akzo Nobel. Next to that, he is member of the Curatorium of the EFMC (RC) program at the university of Amsterdam. His interest lies in business transformation, leveraging digital, incorporating new paradigms into business strategy and management, whilst having an underlying motivation for organisations to stay in control & perform. He is author of an article where compares CFOs with journalist, to inspire a discussion about the role of finance, certainly in the times of digital disruption.

Lodewijk Lockefeer

Zeelandia Groep

Jeanine Tijhaar is per februari 2021 benoemd als lid van de raad van bestuur en chief financial officer (CFO) van Eneco Groep N.V. Jeanine is sinds 2017 bij Eneco werkzaam als CFO Nederland en directeur Finance & Risk. Van 2000 tot 2016 was zij werkzaam bij Akzo Nobel, laatstelijk als financieel directeur van de business unit Vehicle Refinishes, waar zij lid was van het Executive Management Team. Daarvoor was zij financieel directeur bij verschillende andere business units binnen Akzo Nobel zowel in Spanje als in Nederland. Zij begon haar loopbaan in 1996 bij DSM. Zij studeerde bedrijfseconomie aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam en haalde haar International Executive Master of Finance & Control (RC), een gecombineerde opleiding van de universiteiten van Amsterdam en Maastricht.

Jeanine Tijhaar

Group CFO

Hendrik Jan Roel

CFO Albert Heijn & Ahold Nederland
Albert Heijn

Kristof Stouthuysen

Professor of Management Accounting & Digital Finance
Vlerick Business School

Frank Verbeeten

Honorary Professor IMA & Professor of Accounting
University of Amsterdam Business School

Mike De Boer


Jeroen Smit

Journalist & Bestseller Author
Leadership Speaker

René Kuijer

Senior Manager
PwC Netherlands

Yannick Lamens

Manager Consulting Finance
PwC Netherlands

Marc Grasso

Former CFO
Mediq B.V.

Featured Sessions

Panel discussion : The road to recovery - The world after the pandemic
The recent COVID-19 outbreak has affected the whole Dutch economy. CFO's needs to invest in the future and embrace changes to create business continuity. During this session, the panelists will discuss how the business landscape and world will adjust to the “new normal”.

During this session, the panelist will dive into the lessons and learnings during covid-19 and how the future of finance will look like.

• Shaping the future - What are the lessons & learnings of resilience and how can a CFO restructure and transform the business?
• Changing Role - What is the role of the CFO to ensure that the company operates and what opportunities can be seized during this time?
• Driving Value - How can a CFO drive growth and increase the long-term value of the company?
Speakers: Lodewijk Lockefeer - Zeelandia Groep, Jeanine Tijhaar - Eneco, Hendrik Jan Roel - Albert Heijn
Leadership presentation : The DNA of the digital finance leader; Value creation with AI & ML
What do AI & Machine Learning (ML) really mean? How do these 2 technologies generate real impact in various sectors and domains? And how can will AI & ML create value for finance leaders? Professor Kristof Stouthuysen challenges and encourages you to integrate AI & ML in the financial domain step by step to in order to successfully become a strategic partner in the digital age.
Speaker: Kristof Stouthuysen - Vlerick Business School
Panel discussion : Impact Creation - Unlocking value with analytics
In the past years, CFO's have increased the amount of time they spend on using advanced analytics to identify certain threats and new business opportunities. Especially the COVID0-19 recovery pushes CFOs to improve their analytics strategy to accelerate further digitalization, minimize risk and drive sustainability.

The leading voices of this interactive panel discussion will exchange insights on impact creation with the help of data and analytics.

• Leading the change - How can a CFO drive sustainability?
• Finance transformation - How to accelerate the finance digitalization?
• Risk management - How to deal with ethical concerns in your analytics strategy?
Speakers: Frank Verbeeten - University of Amsterdam Business School, Mike De Boer - KNAB Bank
Leadership presentation : A CFO ' Activist' - Driving Purpose on a Long-Term Sustainable Future
A CFO driven by purpose and a strong focus on a (very) long-term sustainable future, will be successful in the 21-the century. During this session, will Jeroen dare the audience to create impact as a business leader
Speaker: Jeroen Smit - Leadership Speaker
Keynote : The perfect storm Basware / PWC
Basware and PwC have joined forces to bring you a one-of-a-kind joint presentation on the future of Finance where we will dive into what makes the perfect storm of opportunity for the Modern Finance organization. The presentation is a unique blend between finance strategy as presented by PwC and practical use case of automation and digitization within source-to-pay, presented by Basware.

They will touch upon the following:

• What the Future Finance organization will look like 
• Three main areas in which finance can deliver value to the business and how that is changing
• Digital use cases in source-to-pay enabling the future finance organization 
Speakers: René Kuijer - PwC Netherlands, Yannick Lamens - PwC Netherlands
Event Themes

In Discussion

The evolution of the CFO - Shifting from accounting to strategy

Recovery through resilience - Fostering business agility and drive business growth by rethinking your finance strategy

Predict the future - Leveraging scenario planning to steer through disruption and identify new opportunities

Adoption of emerging technology - Driving greater operational and financial efficiency

ESG & CSR - Navigating a sustainable business from finance perspective

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Digitalisation and Automation | The Finance department of the future
Use of Data in Finance | An Analytical environment
CFO and cooperation with the Business, Necessary Soft Skills
The next steps of Robotics | Will AI rule the future Finance department?
Managing through times of Crisis | Imperatives for CFOs


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