600Minutes Executive IT


October 28 - November 04, 2021


About the Event

Digital maturity and ability to adapt has been crucial for the IT function; causing CIOs to be in the spotlight. In many cases, CIOs has been responsible in rescuing their companies and driving the necessary transformations to stay above the water.

Join us at the 600Minutes Executive IT as this year we will focus on practical and transparent journeys that can inspire and guide towards technical challenges faced by CIOs within the domains of cloud and data. How these capabilities can be even further leveraged by emerging technology that can enable automation, efficiency and drive innovation - will be further discussed by industry experts and peers this November.


Christian is an ambitious business oriented senior executive with a holistic business oriented digital mind-set and more than 15 years of experience with organizational transformation! He believes in the value of focusing on the possibilities and that getting the best results comes from focusing on the team effort where a positive attitude towards things makes a difference. He is an effective and respected leader with a strong commercial and business focused mind-set. He have solid experience with leadership, building new teams & organizational units as well as carrying out turn around in existing organizations. He brings a broad international, cultural, digital & innovation, delivery, transformation & business oriented “leadership toolbox” gained from both the customer & vendor side as well as a solid experience with driving change – both direct and through others, and has driven several huge cross functional transformation and simplification projects. Last but not least - he has a straight forward "can-do" attitude and always get the job done!

Christian Saugman

Former CIO Denmark & Northern Europe
ISS Facility Services A/S

Jannie Noer Mortensen

Codan / Trygg-Hansa (RSA)

Jesper is an accomplished senior executive with extensive experience in steering large domestic and international organizations through digital transformations. A change agent with a proven track record in and across businesses and industries spanning across manufacturing organizations to high tech, life sciences, energy, veterinary and diagnostics businesses.

Jesper Frederiksen

VP CIO Digital Enablement

Stein Ove Røv

Department Manager Digitek Platform Services
Skagerak Energi AS Konsern

Mikkel Müller


Thomas Bonello Zuliani

Information Security & Data Privacy Director
Pandora A/S

Martin H. Nielsen

Attorney-at-Law, Director
DLA Piper Denmark P/S

Jonas Munk

Head of Data & AI, Vice President (Tribe Lead)

Thorsten Foldager Johnsen

Head of Threat Assessment
Center for Cybersikkerhed

Featured Sessions

Panel discussion : The people strategy -culture and talent in a high-pace and uncertain world
Creating a great place to work what are the secret ingredients?
In this panel discussion we will take a closer look at the critical factors for organizational capabilities to thrive in the future. We will tap into the corner stones of high performing teams, the importance of diversity and inclusion, risk awareness and the work from home dilemma. -WFH impact your organization in 21 and beyond is it a blessing or a curse? -What is the current talent outlook and how do you ensure that you are an attractive employer? -How do you cultivate a culture that embraces innovation and security awareness?
Speakers: Jannie Noer Mortensen - Codan / Trygg-Hansa (RSA), Jesper Frederiksen - VELUX Group, Stein Ove Røv - Skagerak Energi AS Konsern
Keynote : From migration to innovation a value driven cloud journey
In this moderated interview we are aiming to understand what a best in class journey can and should look like. Since migrations is "just" a steppingstone and we will also deep dive in the capabilities and innovation that this journey has enabled. -Establishing a roadmap towards cloud strategy, business and needed capabilities -Future proofing your modernization journey with smart cloud governance -Maximizing the utility in the new digital toolbox to drive innovation
Speaker: Mikkel Müller - DR
Panel discussion : Compliance interpretation and adaptation where are we now and what's next?
During this dynamic dialogue you will be able to ask the expert questions across the vast and complex landscape of compliance . The dialogue will represent both sides of the aisle in order to address and elaborate on the topic to the full extent.
Speakers: Thomas Bonello Zuliani - Pandora A/S, Martin H. Nielsen - DLA Piper Denmark P/S
Case presentation : Beyond the buzz – how Data becomes a core part of optimizing your business
Nuuday has embarked on a transformation journey and a key aspect is to enable data to a much greater degree. This session zooms in to the strategic offset, operating model, execution, impediments, impact and cutting-edge innovation – framed by case-based examples from Nuuday.
In this session you will get insight into the transformation journey of Nuuday on a corporate level as well as deep dive into the Data area. Nuuday have high ambitions regarding future digital services to customers as well as more automated and smart internal processes – and data as well as the smart use of data is a core element. You will get more understanding of why we choose our Data Strategy, how we are shaping our Operating Model, selected program result examples, main impediments, the perspectives of our recent and coming Data Science innovation as well as how we work with impact and accountability of our data services and operations.
Speaker: Jonas Munk - Nuuday
Event Themes

In Discussion

From migration to innovation - a value driven cloud journey

The people strategy - culture and talent in a high-pace and uncertain world

The growing Cyber threat - it´s not about "if" it´s about "when"

Compliance interpretation and adaptation - where are we now and whats next?

Building a data driven organization - taking the leap from data to wisdom and automation

Spotlight Videos


Kanari Group Nordic


Why CIOs should be executive business-strategy partners
The digital strategy for 2025 - Building a strategy for transforming data into business value
Visionary IT: Perspectives on modern IT agility
Creating maximum business value by automating & governing the cloud
IT and IT security in the new reality - The journey, learning and outcome


Marc Lueck
Lotta Gunnarsson
Jan Topp
Bang & Olufsen A/S
Philip Badstue
Danske Spil A/S
Morten Holm Christiansen
Coop Danmark A/S
Ashkan Fardost
Scientist & Speaker / Founder of Oddball Ventures