Future Customer Experience, Sales and Marketing

Marketing reimagined: converging innovation, experience and technology

October 06, 2021


About the Event

In illuminating a way forward for German Industry. The 600Minutes Future Customer Experience, Sales and Marketing event is back virtually with more fascinating insights on the latest digital and tech trends.

Dive deep into discussions with industry leaders on applications of intelligent innovations, such as AI. VR, AR, voice technologies and reaching out to customers via multichannel strategies. Leverage on pre-matched virtual 1-to-1 sessions to discover new market opportunities and progressive solutions that will propel your retail business to the next level!

Why Attend

Digitalizing The Power of F2F Networking - Go Virtual With ME

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Michael Stenberg

Head of Digital Marketing
Siemens AG

Patrik Stoopendahl

PhD Candidate & Business Anthropologist: Consumer Trends
INSiDR, University of Borås
Event Themes

In Discussion

Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud - The pillars of modern marketing

The Evolution from CMO to Digital Innovator

CxO Collaboration: Fast-tracking your Digital Transformation Journey in 2021 and Beyond

Marketplaces and platforms: Adapting to new ways in which Customers Engage

Event Partners

Solution Providers


Personalized online marketing in times of e-privacy
AI and Augmented / Virtual Reality in Marketing
Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in the Heart of the Customer Journey
Still Marketing or already Sales?
Media Mix Modelling - Where are the limits?


The Retail Performance Company GmbH
T-Systems International GmbH
Richard J.Self
University of Derby
ElektraA. Kountouris
Schaeffler AG