600Minutes Executive Finance

Future Finance Function: Driving Change and Accelerating Innovation while Achieving Resource Optimisation

September 15 - 16, 2021


About the Event

The current pandemic has forced finance leaders to adapt. The office of the CFO has seen a massive technology shift over the last several years. Despite the resulting uncertainty and fear, this crisis offers an opportunity for the finance leaders to demonstrate their evolving role and provide wise counsel to set a course for the future of the organisation.

Join 600MINUTES EXECUTIVE FINANCE, where top-tier finance industry stakeholders in the region convene and share best practices and disruptive strategies. Key highlights include, building operational resilience in uncertain times, cash flow opportunities, finance transformation innovate, and performance efficiency.

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Torsten Hoppe

Vice President Audit
Coca-Cola European Partners plc

Carsten Brzeski

Global Head of Macro

Reinhold Brezovszky

Business Lead of Source to Pay
A1 Telekom Austria

Michael Häfner

Head of Perfomance Controlling, Siemens Healthcare
Siemens AG Energy Sector

Babak Ghasemi

CFO Consumer Segment @TDG/PVG
Deutsche Telekom AG

Rafael Pasquet

Regional CFO
Daimler Financial Services

Lavinia Ritchie Sasse

Vice President Digital Finance
Uniper SE

Featured Sessions

Case presentation : Sustainability als zentrale Unternehmensstrategie
Speaker: Torsten Hoppe - Coca-Cola European Partners plc
Event Themes

In Discussion

Driving innovation and embracing change: Ensuring your current strategy is a sustainable solution and not a crisis management fix

CFO Agility: Balancing current risk and harnessing future opportunities

Finance Transformation: Setting clear automation strategy to increase productivity and organisational performance

The Future of Finance Talents: Driving Changes in Culture, Mindset and Skills

Event Partners

Solution Providers


Finance 4.0: Turn the promise of data into the reality of improved performance
Think like a CEO: Will Financial Leaders evolve from strategists to captains?
Crisis Management: The corona crisis as catalysator of digitalisation


Sven Olaf Schmidt
Commerzbank AG
Benedikt Lang
Daimler Mobility AG
Pavel Lakatos
Siemens AG - Global Shared Services
David Loeliger
Iris Gehrke
Avacon AG
Holger Wegerer
Puma SE