600Minutes Executive IT

Learning from the Present to Succeed in the Future: Driving Innovation, Growth and Change

October 21 - 28, 2021


About the Event

The global COVID-19 pandemic has placed IT at the center of the organization. Now that thorough digitalization has become an imperative, IT leadership is indispensable.

Join us at the upcoming 600Minutes Executive IT event taking place in Switzerland, as we once again connect IT leaders and decision makers to discuss and debate on the game plan for 2021. Explore insights from pre-eminent experts and become the IT leader your organization needs. In addition to a thrilling agenda, don't miss our personalized 1-to-1 virtual sessions with leading decision makers from top 500 organisations in Switzerland this October 2021!


Heidi Stocker

Head of HR
Industrielle Werke Basel IWB

Sarah Stary

HR Director EU & MEA
Trina Solar (Schweiz) AG

Peter Weibel

Sabag Holding AG

Michael Hofer

1stQuad Solutions AG

Stefan Graf

Head of IT
Edelweiss Air AG

Axel Paeger

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), chairman of the board
AMEOS Gruppe

Colin Smith

Head of IT
Access World AG

Claudio Morando

Head Portfolio Analytics & Strategy, EMEA
Swiss Re

Manu Kapur

Chair of Learning Sciences & Higher Education
ETH Zurich

Featured Sessions

Panel discussion : IT and HR Leaders: On the Future of Workforce
What are the opportunities and challenges of a changing workforce in a changing environment? Not only the pandemic, but also digitalization and different demands of Millenials and Generation Z, are reshaping the way of work and the requirements the employer has to adapt to. In this panel we will discuss the changes companies are facing in regard to their workforce and in particular the challenges and opportunities arising for the IT departments and IT leadership.
Speakers: Heidi Stocker - Industrielle Werke Basel IWB, Sarah Stary - Trina Solar (Schweiz) AG, Peter Weibel - Sabag Holding AG
Parallel : Data Integration & Intelligence @ Edelweiss Air Ready for AI!
In recent years, Edelweiss has specifically replaced legacy systems with a cloud solution based on micro services. Fully integrated in a complex IT landscape, it now intelligently simplifies data acquisition, processing and evaluation. In this keynote, you will hear from CIO Stefan Graf about advantages, procedures and success factors. In particular, how and why Edelweiss is now able to take advantage of AI.
Speakers: Michael Hofer - 1stQuad Solutions AG, Stefan Graf - Edelweiss Air AG
Keynote : IT as a business strategy function - A field report
In this keynote we will have a closer look to the incipient role of IT as a business strategy function
Speaker: Axel Paeger - AMEOS Gruppe
Keynote : ERP Program - A Retrospective Execution Report
Over a 9-year period, Access World has standardized its Systems architecture across 50 Legal Entities around the world. During this time there have been many challenges which required Management Response, Re-planning and Implementation. Access World, now close to the end of the transition, has created structures and processes at odds with the initial approach and strategies formulated at the beginning of the Program. Colin Smith will be presenting the Exceptions, Actions and Lessons Learned which changed the way Systems are managed within the Group.
Speaker: Colin Smith - Access World AG
Keynote : Own IT! Joining Tech and Business Powers to Improve User Experience
A cup of Coffee and an introduction into the World of Data and its Strategic Value
IT and business was a dichotomy. Attempts to bring them closer together, or digital transformations, are still in progress. How to accelerate learnings? A case study from the Insurance Industry.
Speaker: Claudio Morando - Swiss Re
Event Themes

In Discussion

Digital business acceleration: a closer look to the incipient role of IT as a business strategy function

Finding common ground: CHRO and IT Leaders sit together to discuss the future of workforce

Pairing acceleration in digital business and cybersecurity investment: zero trust cybersecurity and cybersecurity mesh

Unleashing the organization´s digital potential through the migration of legacy enterprise systems to the cloud

Internet of Behaviour and the power to change people´s decisions through data analysis.

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Akamai (DACH)
Cisco Umbrella
TREND MICRO Deutschland GmbH


More data, more problems: how to solve them
Moving agility to the CIO agenda: towards enterprise-grade agile management
How to drive disruption through people-centric strategic technology
5G: a force for digital transformation
Data and analytics in crisis management


Jony Fischbein
Check Point Software Technologies GmbH
Jesus Ruiz
Alastria - National Blockchain Ecosystem
Christoph Aeschlimann
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
Vinayak Gadgil
Omya (Schweiz) AG
Wolfgang Korosec
Sankt Galler Stadtwerke
Ashkan Fardost
Scientist & Speaker / Founder of Oddball Ventures