600Minutes Executive HR

Reshaping HR for the Future of Work Through People, Culture and Technology

November 25 - December 03, 2021


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Covid-19 has forced organisations to implement radically new ways of working and operating, and in this challenging time, HR has been playing an absolute central role in keeping the workforce engaged, productive and resilient. To prepare for the future of work, HR leaders must now ensure that the people, culture and technology is in place that can drive the shift from surviving to thriving.

Join us at the 8th 600Minutes Executive HR as we once again connect HR leaders and decision makers to discuss and debate on the game plan of HR for 2022 and beyond.


Rune Todnem By, PhD, is Professor of Leadership at Stavanger University, Norway; chairholder of the UNESCO Chair on Leadership, Innovation and Anticipation; editor-in-chief of Journal of Change Management: Reframing Leadership and Organizational Practice; and co-founder of the Public Leadership Foundation. In his most recent publication – Leadership: In Pursuit of Purpose – Rune introduces the Telos Leadership Lens (TLL) and PAC leadership framework (with a focus on Purpose-Alignment-Commitment).

Rune Todnem By

Professor of Leadership
University of Stavanger

Kathleen O. Mathisen has a long experience in the International Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. She has worked with HR for more than 20 years, resulting in a broad and extensive experience within the field of HR. Kathleen O. Mathisen’s core skills include organizational development and transformation processes, and she has several years of proactive, results-oriented, diversified corporate experience with an emphasis in Human Resources. She has been very involved in diversity and inclusion projects the last 10 years, both nationally and internationally. She has a number of management courses from UIB, BI and NHH. December 2013 she was awarded “Sunnivaprisen”, named after Bergen’s patron St. Sunniva.

Kathleen O. Mathisen

CHRO and Internal Communication
Grieg Seafood ASA

Mette Krogsrud, born in 1968, was appointed Chief People & Corporate Affairs Officer in April 2019. She came from the position of Managing Director of Korn Ferry Norway. Mette has held various roles as CHRO, Investment Director and Finance director across various companies (Elopak, Ard Group, SATS). She operated as Head of Talent and VP Organizational development in Schibsted ASA in the period 2005-2011. Krogsrud holds a masters degree in finance from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen, Norway (NHH) and an MSc in Organizational Change from Ashridge Business School, UK.

Mette Krogsrud

EVP/ Chief People & Corporate Affairs Officer
Schibsted ASA

Fredrik Scheen Schuller

Head of BTS Coach, Executive Vice President
BTS Norway

Kristian Planke Styrmo

Director of People Development Europe
Circle K

Nina Sandsbråten

HR Director
Circle K Norge AS

Chris Hovde

Global People Movement Lead
Telia Company

Sirine Fodstad

HR Expert and Former CEO of
Grieg Group

Featured Sessions

Leadership presentation : Going EPICally MAD in Pursuit of Successful Change Leadership
Nearly all businesses around the world have undergone organizational change since the pandemic hit, and the post-pandemic world is still taking form. In all this uncertainty one thing is certain: change will continue to be on the horizon, and managing this next post-pandemic stage effectively is crucial for all organizations. In order to make the transition into the new normal as smooth as possible, businesses need people skilled at providing agency and leadership more than ever. In this keynote, Professor Rune Todnem By will share his vision on how you can bring some MADness into leadership development in support of building the change readiness and resilience required for the successful organizations of tomorrow.
Speaker: Rune Todnem By - University of Stavanger
Campfire : From Talk to Action
Remove Bias and Embed Diversity and Inclusion Throughout Your Organisation
Revenue growth, greater readiness to innovate, the ability to recruit a diverse talent pool and higher employee retention are just some of the benefits that a clear D&I strategy can bring to the organisation. Still, many workplaces struggle to go from talk to action, especially in the more traditional industries. In this moderated interview, Kathleen Offman Mathisen, CHRO and Internal Communication at Grieg Seafood, will share her insights on this important topic and provide you with her roadmap to a more diverse and inclusive culture.
Speaker: Kathleen O. Mathisen - Grieg Seafood ASA
Whole audience : Strengthen Leadership Through Simulations to Unlock New Strategies and Change Mindsets
Leadership is relentlessly contextual. It is not about leading in any business; it’s about leading in your business. In this case presentation, Mette and Fredrik will discuss the challenge of getting the leaders at Schibsted to embrace a new enterprise strategy that challenged deeply embedded mindsets, behaviors and ways of working across their brands. They will explore how Schibsted went beyond the planning, initiatives and communications to engage leaders and help them think fundamentally differently about the business and their role through simulations.
Speakers: Mette Krogsrud - Schibsted ASA, Fredrik Scheen Schuller - BTS Norway
Case presentation : Let the Games Begin
Supercharge Employee Engagement and Retention Through Gamified Training
The speed at which digital learning has grown is exponential, and gamification is one of the digital tools that organisations can use in everything from on boarding to talent development and to create overall employee engagement. In this engaging Case Presentation, we will dive into Circle K's global gamified training programme that, amongst other things, led to: - Significant increase in basket size from staff upselling – a key training objective - Considerable reduction in staff turnover - 85% of staff reported that they felt the training made them better at their jobs Let the games begin!
Speakers: Kristian Planke Styrmo - Circle K, Nina Sandsbråten - Circle K Norge AS
Keynote : Sustaining and Developing Company Culture in the Digital Workspace
Culture and employee engagement does not thrive the virtual workspace. Innovation and creativity suffer when we only communicate online. It is difficult to lead your team and to get to know your colleagues through collaboration apps. Do you agree with any of these statements? Then get ready to challenge the way you perceive employee engagement, culture, leadership and talent development in the digital workspace with Chris Hovde, Global People Movement Lead in Telia Company. Chris will share his best practices with the digital workspace that he believes outcompetes the physical office space in numerous ways. Let’s go virtual!
Speaker: Chris Hovde - Telia Company
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Transforming today's HR function to overcome the challenges of tomorrow
How to use change management in the middle of the digital transformation era
What can HR and People teams do to drive sustainability?
Talent mapping and skill development within your own organization
Mental health and legal challenges - regaining stability in "the new normal" of HR


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