600Minutes Leadership & HR

Becoming a future-proof HR organisation | Observe, Reflect, Plan and Act

November 04 - 10, 2021


About the Event

The role of the CHRO is changing in many ways. HR-decision makers are evolving that requires new skills right from budgeting to digitalisation. Due to the COVID-19, it came to the attention that working on these skills is a must in order to become the best versatile HR-Decision maker.

Join us at the upcoming 600Minutes Leadership and HR platform as we once again connect HR leaders and decision makers to discuss and debate on the game plan of CHRO's in 2021. Explore insights from leading experts on building an adaptable HR framework post pandemic and ways to enhance our employee experience and engagement with future technologies.


Speaker in the Dark

Chief HR Officer
Mystery guest

Lisa Finnegan recently promoted to Vice President of the International HRBPs for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. As VP of Human Resources at LinkedIn, Lisa is responsible for leading the Talent Strategy for LinkedIn across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. As a member of the EMEA & LATAM and APAC leadership teams, her role involves partnering with the most senior executive leaders in LinkedIn to deliver the company’s vision and attract, retain, and develop top talent across the organization. Lisa has over 17 years’ HR experience in the technology sector, helping several multinationals scale their business in Ireland. She joined LinkedIn in Dublin in 2016 as an HR Director. She was quickly promoted to Senior Director of HR EMEA in 2018, taking on responsibility for LATAM in 2019 and became VP of International HR after five years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Greek and Roman Civilization from Maynooth University.

Lisa Finnegan

Vice President International HRBP

As Royal DSM’s global VP OD & Culture, Diane is responsible for DSM’s inclusion and diversity, corporate culture and employee engagement programmes, and leads on the people and culture aspects of future of work initiatives. She sits on DSM’s Digital Acceleration Board, manages DSM’s partnerships with Catalyst on Women & the Future of Work, and is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council for Work, Wages and Skills. Diane’s career has focused on developing individuals, leaders, and the teams and organizations they work in. She’s previously held senior HR/OD roles in firms in NL, Italy and the UK at ING Group, Generali and RSA, establishing global talent management, employee inclusion, and engagement programmes. Before this she was an external consultant at Roffey Park Institute, leading their Masters in People and OD, and worked at the University of Brighton. Diane is an experienced coach and mentor, who likes to work hands-on as a program/intervention designer and facilitator, increasingly leveraging digital tools as inclusion and engagement platforms. Diane holds a BA in Literature/History of Art, and a Master degree in Organisational Learning.

Diane Moody

VP Organizational Development and Culture

Hilde Garssen

Chief People Officer

Danielle van Alewijn

Director People & Culture | HR Director

Mark Van Bijsterveld

Chief HR Officer

Smaranda Boroş

Professor of Intercultural Management and Organisational Behaviour
Vlerick Business School

Roeland Van Laer

HR Strategist and Author
Het einde van HRM

Wilma Roozenboom

Refugee Talent Hub

Maarten Hansson

Head of integrated workforce management

Gemmie Hermens

Director People & Culture
ISS Facility Services

Robert Oosting

Manager People & Culture
ISS Facility Services

Emmelie Zipson

Emmelie Zipson

Francien David

Director Luchtvaart Community Schiphol
Royal Schiphol Group N.V.

Margreet Hak

Programma Manager
Royal Schiphol Group N.V.

Featured Sessions

Keynote : Can our out-of-the-box HR strategy and culture define the success of our organization?
Speaker in the Dark
During this speaking in the dark session, we will present a mystery speaker. The mystery speaker will share some of the most effective elements from their HR strategy and culture. They have a proven track record of success compared with some numbers in their industry.

Throughout the session, we will give you some hints of who this mystery speaker might be and for which he or she is working. During the Q&A we will reveal our mystery speaker and answer some of the burning questions you have sent in during the session.
Speaker: Speaker in the Dark - Mystery guest
Parallel : The future of HR flexibility and remote work
At LinkedIn, these past 18 months have taught us an important lesson: the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t actually fit anymore. We’ve learned that every individual and every team works differently, so there’s no reason to go back to how things were pre-pandemic. Instead, we’re embracing flexibility, both hybrid and remote roles. Today we have an opportunity to build on what we’ve learned to better prepare for the future of work. Hear from Talent and HR leaders as they discuss how they are preparing from these changes and the learnings they have had along the way.
Speakers: Lisa Finnegan - LinkedIn, Diane Moody - DSM
Panel discussion : How to become a future proof the ever changing skillset of the CHRO.
As CHRO's it learning and development of our employees is an important topic on our agenda's. But what about us? Due to the fact that the role of the CHRO is changing in a rapid phase, it is important to stay on top of our game. Let's take a look at the basic skillset of the CHRO but more importantly what has been changing over the last years.

- Hard and soft skills
- Agility, versatility and resilience
Speakers: Hilde Garssen - KPN, Danielle van Alewijn - Swapfiets, Mark Van Bijsterveld - Signify
Leadership presentation : No Light without Shadow
In a world confronted with recreating its way, we are now all invited to reflect, reevaluate and regenerate. Who am I? What do I stand for? How do I want to be, moving forward? Such a rich inner and outer dialogue is the privilege and challenge of generations that go through societal disruption. But how do we carry this dialogue with ourselves and each other in an honest and meaningful way? How do we no longer shy away from our Shadows and instead learn from them how to embrace the Light?

Professor Smaranda Boros encourages you as a leader to take responsibility for your inner dialogue, so that instead of casting a long Shadow on others, you can be part of the solution. Within this frame, we will discuss how to create inclusive and innovative organisations, organisations with purpose who are aware of the world, embedded in the world and contribute to it.
Speaker: Smaranda Boroş - Vlerick Business School
Keynote : It’s time for HR to reinvent itself in a tight labour market
Too often, HR policy is still focused only on permanent employees and not on all workers in an organization. Many organizations now employ people who look at work differently. They are temporarily employed, connected to the organization as a self-employed person or as an external service provider. Yet these groups are systematically overlooked in HR policy.

The book "The End of HRM" offers tools to address the HR challenges of the workforce of the future and to reinvent itself. The old HR paradigm must be abandoned and be replaced by new thinking. This book provides an overview of these changes and a new model for a sustainable total workforce strategy. This makes the book a must for any HR professional who wants to respond to a complex tight labor market.
Speaker: Roeland Van Laer - Het einde van HRM
Event Themes

In Discussion

Adapting our organisations to the new ways of working post-pandemic: Virtuality and Agility

Educating and reskilling our organization to become more: resilient, agile and diverse

The spider in your business web: building HR ecosystems and business & HR alignment

Building a digital future proof HR-framework: HR-Analytics, Digital Literacy and the effects of automatization

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Leading the diverse workforce: how to manage diversity and inclusion in the workplace?
Aligning the next level of user experience with your employee journey
Guiding a successful business transformation: what is the role of HR?
In times of uncertainty: how do you prepare for the future of work?


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