600Minutes Leadership & HR

November 09, 2021


About the Event

The role of the CHRO is changing in many ways. HR-decision makers are evolving that requires new skills right from budgeting to digitalisation. Due to the COVID-19, it came to the attention that working on these skills is a must in order to become the best versatile HR-Decision maker.

Join us at the upcoming 600Minutes Leadership and HR platform as we once again connect HR leaders and decision makers to discuss and debate on the game plan of CHRO's in 2021. Explore insights from leading experts on building an adaptable HR framework post pandemic and ways to enhance our employee experience and engagement with future technologies.

Why Attend

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Hilde Garssen

Chief People Officer

Danielle van Alewijn

Director People & Culture | HR Director

Mark Van Bijsterveld

Chief HR Officer

Marcia Goddard

Head of People & Culture
Tony's Chocolonely

Smaranda Boroş

Professor of Intercultural Management and Organisational Behaviour
Vlerick Business School

Roeland Van Laer

HR Strategist and Author
Het einde van HRM

Wilma Roozenboom

Refugee Talent Hub

Maarten Hansson

Head of Workforce Strategy
Royal Philips

Heleen Kuijten-Koenen

HR Director
Royal Schiphol Group N.V.

Gemmie Hermens

Director People & Culture
ISS Facility Services

Featured Sessions

Panel discussion : How to become a future proof the ever changing skillset of the CHRO.
As CHRO's it learning and development of our employees is an important topic on our agenda's. But what about us? Due to the fact that the role of the CHRO is changing in a rapid phase, it is important to stay on top of our game. Let's take a look at the basic skillset of the CHRO but more importantly what has been changing over the last years. - Hard and soft skills - Agility, versatility and resilience
Speakers: Hilde Garssen - KPN, Danielle van Alewijn - Swapfiets, Mark Van Bijsterveld - Signify
Leadership presentation : Psychological and emotional behaviour as a result of change
A sense of belonging, stress, team engagement, emotional awareness and emotional suppression all topics that can be found in the category of psychological an emotional behaviour. During this session, Smaranta Boros Professor at Vlerick Business school will give us the latest insights and trends on the emotional and psychological aspects of change. The last year has been a rollercoaster of emotions both for employer and employee. How do we manage these emotions as CHRO's but more importantly how do we implement them into our new ways of working!
Speaker: Smaranda Boroş - Vlerick Business School
Campfire : The dilemma's we face when building an agile HR organization | Learnings, pitfalls do's and don’ts
Learnings on how to build an agile HR organisation, ready for the challenges of tomorrow
Speaker: Maarten Hansson - Royal Philips
Campfire : Skilling, reskilling and upskilling with the help of data | Schiphol Skillspaspoort
Skilling, reskilling and upskilling how to build a flexible workforce
Speaker: Heleen Kuijten-Koenen - Royal Schiphol Group N.V.
Campfire : Leading your organization into a diverse and inclusive environment
Diversity and inclusion best practices
Speaker: Gemmie Hermens - ISS Facility Services

Event Attendees Include

Director Business HR NL (a.i.)
VP HR Brand & Locations
Event Themes

In Discussion

Adapting our organisations to the new ways of working post-pandemic: Virtuality, Humanity and Agility

Building a digital future proof HR-framework to tackle upcoming HR challenges and facilitate HR enablement

The spider in your business web: business & HR alignment, HR collaboration and the HR ecosystem

Educating and reskilling ourselves and our employees to become more: resilient, agile and versatile

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Workday B.V.
PeopleDoc Germany GmbH


Leading the diverse workforce: how to manage diversity and inclusion in the workplace?
Aligning the next level of user experience with your employee journey
Guiding a successful business transformation: what is the role of HR?
In times of uncertainty: how do you prepare for the future of work?


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